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ABC Rides Switzerland (ABC Engineering AG) was founded in 1997 in Switzerland. With more than 25 years in the amusement industry, ABC has successfully designed, engineered, and delivered more than 130 amusement rides to customers worldwide. Our highly qualified engineers and technical staff have many years of experience in the amusement rides industry, and use their proven know-how to develop our wide range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed rides with a focus on small-to-medium size family attractions. All product-line creations can be a perfect fit for Amusement Parks, Zoos, Family Entertainment Centres, Malls, City-Venues, Adventure Farms and Mountain Resorts.

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IMMOTION offers dynamic, motion-based virtual reality experiences, featuring live-action and animated educational content in association with biologists, wildlife experts and conservation organizations such as the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Bimini Shark Lab, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. With over 85 locations worldwide and more than 2 million unique annual users, IMMOTION helps zoos, aquariums, and museums develop opportunities to reinforce funding for conservation programmes through its award-winning, on-mission immersive attractions.

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Magic Memories is an international entertainment technology company with over 25-years experience capturing the memories of millions of people, all over the world. We create personalized, branded and share-worthy content from innovative media capture experiences at more than 200 world-class tourist destinations. Our products and systems encourage guests to smile, engage and share content - while providing significant revenue and marketing benefits for our brand partners. We're celebrating togetherness by capturing once in a lifetime moments, turning them into priceless memories, and embedding and promoting your stories.

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PixBox is the central point of distribution for standard and innovative photo booth solutions, with the goal of expanding the photo booth market to the market segments where photo booth technology has not yet been applied. Achieving a high level and long product life is possible with high-quality production, especially when considering the items' continual and severe indoor or outdoor use. Furthermore, by using proprietary software, we can continuously improve the user interface and provide interactive solutions for the users.

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Founded in 1999, Triotech is a privately held group with over 200 employees deployed in Canada, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Over the years, Triotech developed a sterling reputation for the high quality of our customized and award-winning attractions, as well as our ability to create exciting ‘edutainment’ experiences for museums, zoos, aquariums, and tourist attractions. Together with our technical and creative team, Triotech can help educative places creating dynamic, immersive and interactives experiences such as Dynamic Seats Theaters, Flying Theaters, Dome Theaters, Dynamic Cabins, Interactive Dark Rides, VR Journey Experiences, Walkthroughs, or any kind of custom project.

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Wild Immersion is a French company the produces, distributes and operates immersive spaces to educate about Wildlife. We use XR technologies and our education expertise to provide a fully immersive experience to our visitors, teaching them about the natural world and how to protect it. We offer virtual reality movies, augmented reality applications, educational programs, information cards and even merchandising. So embark on a journey to discover wildlife, from the african savannah to the depth of the sea.

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