The EAZA structure consists of its members and their input into an Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee, EAZA Council and several committees falling into the categories of Standing Committees and Specialist Committees. These committees are run by unpaid representatives from the EAZA membership. The chart below outlines where each of these bodies is located in the overall structure of the organisation.

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EAZA Council

The Council develops strategy and policies, monitors income and expenditure and enters into contracts and legal agreements. Furthermore, it elects the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer, appoints committee chairs and members and receives and approves committees' action plans and annual reports. The Council prepares, discusses and votes on all policy matters. During the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Full EAZA members approve the annual accounts, the budget, any changes to Council memberhip and the reports of the standing committees. Members also receive an update on all Council decisions taken in the previous year.

EAZA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee handles the implementation of the Council's policy and strategy, supervises the day-to-day running of the organisation, the financial management, the approval of the annual action and business plans, the preparation of meetings (e.g. Council and AGM). This committee is assisted by the permanent staff located at the EAZA Executive Office

EAZA Executive Committee (2019-2022) members are:

Chair: Thomas Kauffels (Opel-Zoo)
Vice-chair: Mark Pilgrim (Chester Zoo)
Secretary: Brice Lefaux (Mulhouse Zoo)
Treasurer: Sean McKeown (Fota Wildlife Park)

Aquarium Representative: João Falcato (Ocenário de Lisboa)
Communications Committee: Sanna Hellström (Helsinki Zoo)
EEP Committee: Mark Pilgrim (Chester Zoo)
Membership and Ethics Committee: Endre Papp (Sosto Zoo)
National Associations Committee: Volker Homes (VdZ)
Technical Assistance Committee: André Stadler (Alpenzoo)

The following group works under the umbrella of the Executive Committee:

  • EAZA Zoohorticulture Group - EZG

EAZA Committees

When possible, the EAZA committees liaise with other professional organisations such as the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV) and the European Association of Aquarium Curators (EUAC) to maximise effectiveness of all parties working in specific fields of expertise.


Standing Committees

These Committees carry out tasks that need to be accomplished for EAZA as organisational necessities. EAZA has the following Standing Committees:

EEP Committee

This Committee is concerned with the functioning and development of EAZA Ex Situ Programmes (EEPs) and long-term animal collection planning. 

The following working groups work under the umbrella of the EEP Committee:

  • EAZA Population Management Advisory Group - (EPMAG)
  • A​nimal Training Working​​ Group
  • A​nimal Welfare Working​​ Group

Membership and Ethics Committee
This Committee is responsible for accreditation of applicants and ethical issues.

Communications Committee

This Committee is responsible for the representation of EAZA values and scientific work to the public, stakeholders in conservation and animal issues and to Members of the Association

National Associations Committee

This Committee provides input to EAZA from national zoo associations to ensure a strong understanding of nationally local issues affecting zoo and aquarium operations.

Technical Assistance Committee

This Committee oversees the Candidate for Membership programme, providing developing zoos and aquariums with mentorship and technical assistance to help them meet the requirement of EAZA Standards and become Full Members.


Specialist Committees

In contrast to the Standing Committees, these Committees mainly focus on helping the members or their staff or specific sections of staff to improve their zoo and aquarium activities in a particular area. EAZA has the following Specialist Committees:

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee’s main task is to coordinate the in situ conservation activities of member institutions and to liaise with conservation organisations. 

The following working group work under the umbrella of the Conservation Committee:

  • Conservation Translocation Working Group
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Working Group
  • Wildlife Trade Working Group

Education Committee

This Committee is responsible for keeping a close watch on new developments relating to education and stimulating a high level of conservation education in EAZA institutions. Members of this committee are diverse educational specialists from zoos throughout Europe. European Board members of IZE (International Zoo Educators) are board members of the committee.

Research Committee

This Committee is involved with the important mission of zoos to carry out research. There is wide range of opportunities to study non-domestic species outside their home range, which is important as many species are threatened with extinction in their natural habitat. This Committee oversees publication of EAZA's Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research (JZAR)

The following working groups work under the umbrella of the Research Committee:

  • EAZA Nutrition Group (ENG)
  • Biobank Working Group

Veterinary Committee

This Committee increases the co-operation with the European Association of Zoo and wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV) and ensures veterinary input in the relevant standards and EU veterinary regulations. The following working groups work under the umbrella of the Veterinary Committee:

  • EAZA Reproductive Management Group (EAZA RMG)
  • Transport Working Group

The EAZA Executive Office (EEO) is the hub of the organisation's activities with a permanent staff who support the activities of the Association. The EEO provides a range of services to EAZA members including meeting and event logistics, membership administration, coordination of conservation and collection planning activities, publications, the website, campaign management, and a lot more.

EAZA follows the collective labor agreement for the leisure industry in relation to management of its paid employees.

Fiscal number: 8163 55 460 L01

Contacting EAZA




+31 20 520 0750





Postal Address
c/o Artis Zoo - Amsterdam
PO Box 20164
1000 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Visitor Address     
Artis Zoo - Amsterdam
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
1018 CZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Executive Director
Myfanwy Griffith

DdM 225x225 2

EAZA Deputy Director / Director of Conservation and Population Management
Danny de Man

DWM 225x225 2

Director Communications and Membership
David Williams-Mitchell


Office Manager
Lilian Fiolet

LKH 225x225 2

Office Coordinator
Laura Kluft-Hogervorst 

DF 225x225 4

Funding Coordinator
Dalila Frasson

SC 225x225 2

Species360 European Regional Coordinator
Sander Cozijn

WvL okt18 4 225x225

Manager Animal Programmes and Conservation
William van Lint

MZ225x225 2

Animal Programmes and Conservation Coordinator 
Merel Zimmermann

KvL 225x225

Animal Programmes and Conservation Coordinator 
Kelly Lavooij - van Leeuwen

DAP 225x225

Animal Programmes and Conservation Coordinator
David Aparici Plaza

LFL 225x225

Animal Programmes and Conservation Support Officer
Lauren Florisson

VC 225x225

EAZA Reproductive Biology Coordinator
Veronica Cowl

AM 225x225

Biobank Coordinator
Anna Mekarska




RvdM 225x225 3

Manager Population Management Centre
Raymond van der Meer

Kl 225x225 nov18

Population Biologist
Kristin Leus

EF 225x225 2

Population Biologist
Elmar Fienieg

MB 225x225

Population Biologist
María Paula Balcázar-Vargas

IM 225x225

Population Biologist
Iva Martincová

CDesbois 225x225 2

Population Biologist
Charlotte Desbois


Assistant Population Biologist
Nora Hausen

MC 225x225

Assistant Population Biologist
Marie Corlay


LM 225x225 3

EAZA Academy Manager
Laura Myers

SB1 225x225

Animal Welfare Coordinator
Sally Binding

OO 225x225

Animal Welfare Volunteer
Onnika van Oosterbosch

PL 225x225

Animal Welfare Volunteer
Pip Laker

SCa 225x225

Communications Officer
Sandrine Camus

MM 225x225 3

Events and Member Services Coordinator
Mirko Marseille

AA 125x125

Accreditation Manager
April Adams

JH 225x225

Accreditation Coordinator
Joni Hut

TR 225x225

EU Policy Manager
Tomasz Rusek

AMv2 nov18 225x225

EU Policy Coordinator
Allan Muir