EAZA Members comply with EAZA's standards and are committed to high levels of professionalism

As of October 2023, EAZA has 308 Full Members, 20 Temporary Members, 20 Candidates for Membership, 55 Corporate Members and 36 Associate Members (including three reciprocal members: ALPZA, AZA and Species360). With over 400 Member institutions in 47 countries throughout Europe and Western Asia, which employ or work with the continent’s leading educators, researchers and conservationists in the natural sciences, EAZA represents the cutting edge of a new philosophy:  The idea that communities must take charge of their own natural future.  

By ensuring that its Member zoos and aquariums achieve and maintain the highest standards of care and population management for the species they keep, EAZA empowers European citizens to learn about and contribute to global biodiversity conservation goals. It is estimated that more than 140 million people visit EAZA Members each year, equivalent to approximately one in five European citizens.

Take a look at the interactive EAZA Member map. The map shows the location of all Full, Associate and Temporary Members of EAZA, as well as Candidates for Membership. Just click on the place marker to find the name of the institution and the link to its website.