From time to time, our members and associated conservation groups ask us to help them fill vacancies. Please note that the vacancies listed below are for specialist staff with a high level of experience and knowledge. If you are interested in working at a zoo, EAZA recommends volunteering opportunities at your local EAZA member as a first step to getting the skills you need.

Vacancies of EAZA Members as well as EAZA affiliated institutions are published online free of charge. Non-EAZA members and affiliated institutions are required to pay a vacancy placement fee. Information about fees and instructions on how to submit a vacancy can be found in Vacancy submission and pricing scheme

Please contact for vacancy placement.



For an overview of current vacancies, please refer to the overview below.

Job description City/region Country Institution Application deadline
Accreditation Coordinator Amsterdam The Netherlands EAZA Executive Office 06/04/2020
Desktop Publishing Specialist consultancy - JZAR 06/04/2020
Scientific Copy Editor consultancy - JZAR 06/04/2020
Curator Elephants and Ungulates Sydney Australia Sydney Zoo 08/04/2020
Director of Conservation and Science Bristol United Kingdom Bristol Zoo 20/04/2020
Wissenschaftliche*n Mitarbeiter*in / Kurator*in im Bereich Forschung Wuppertal Germany Zoo Wuppertal 20/04/2020
Carnivore and Panda Keeper Adelaide Australia Adelaide Zoo Until the position is filled
Construction Team Leader Edinburgh United Kingdom RZSS Edinburgh Zoo Until the position is filled
Animal Keeper - Animal Adventure Department Longleat United Kingdom Longleat Until the position is filled
Head of Field Programmes Jersey United Kingdom Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Until the position is filled


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