Representing the leading and progressive zoos and aquariums of Europe and the Middle East

Membership is open to all zoos and aquariums in Europe and the Middle East that are willing to comply with EAZA's standards and are committed to high levels of professionalism. Obligations have to be met with regard to population management programme participation, animal husbandry practices, ethics, staff quality, conservation education. Compliance with national and international legislation regarding animal and plant acquisition, possession and transport is also mandatory.


Membership Categories

Full Membership - granted to a zoo or aquarium located in a European or Middle East country that maintains suitable standards of management and animal husbandry and complies with all other EAZA standards.

Associate Membership - can be granted to professional organisations or groups deemed fit by the EAZA Council. Zoos and aquariums that fulfil the criteria put forward for Full Membership but are not located in a European country can also become Associate members.

Temporary (Associate) Membership - granted to zoos and aquariums that do not yet meet the standards required for Full/Associate Membership of EAZA. These institutions will be judged as being capable of reaching Full/Associate Membership within a one to two year timeframe.

Temporary Membership Under Construction - granted to zoos and aquariums that are under construction and want to apply for Full Membership directly after opening.

Candidate for Membership - can be granted to institutions that are working towards compliance with EAZA accreditation standards. Institutions in this category are offered a range of technical assistance and consultancy, mainly provided and supervised by the EAZA Committee on Technical Assistance

Honorary Membershipcan be awarded, to the discretion of EAZA Council, to any individual, representative of a professional organisation or any other institution, whose activities and actions have greatly benefited the association.

Corporate Membership - granted to companies supplying goods and services to zoos and aquariums. 


Benefits of Membership

EAZA Benefits of Membership cover

Being a Member of EAZA demonstrates your commitment to everything a modern zoo or aquarium should be: progressive centres of excellence for conservation, learning, research, and animal welfare. By joining EAZA, you can access all the resources and collaborative work listed in our Benefits of Membership brochure, which can help your institution realise its full potential in all aspects of running a zoo or aquarium.

Benefits in summary

  • The prestige that accompanies membership of an association that includes some of the world’s leading zoos and aquariums
  • Access to the continent’s most important conferences and forums for zoos and aquariums
  • Discounted rates for EAZA Academy courses, state of the art professional development education for zoo and aquarium specialists
  • Usage of the EAZA website, an online forum that allows Members to work together and share knowledge
  • Accreditation to reinforce your credentials as a modern, progressive institution
  • Access to and involvement in EAZA’s breeding programmes for over 400 species
  • Support and assistance from the EAZA Executive Office, a full service facility in Amsterdam staffed by specialists in three main areas:
    • Conservation and Population Management: providing support on issues involving animal collections and conservation both at the institution and in the field
    • Communications and Membership: supporting Members with the latest news from across the network, internal and external communications and all membership issues
    • European Union Policy: support on EU policy and engagement for Members from our representative office in Brussels

Applying for Membership - Three Steps

Each year many zoos and aquariums in Europe apply for membership of EAZA. Applicant institutions go through a thorough accreditation procedure which may take up more than one year. The procedure includes completing an extensive Accreditation Questionnaire and a screening mission on site.

A zoo or aquarium wishing to join EAZA should review the key policies and standards of the association to ensure that it meets the requirements for membership, or is likely to be capable of doing so within a reasonable timeframe. You should note that all applicants must be a member of Species360 and the majority of their animal collection should be submitted into ZIMS. The three-step procedure can be outlined as follows:

  1. A detailed Accreditation Questionnaire, which can be obtained from the EAZA Executive Office (joni.hut@eaza.net), should be completed and returned along with a non-refundable application fee of €525. This document will be reviewed by the EAZA Membership & Ethics Committee which decides whether the institution can proceed to the next stage. 
  2. A Screening Team consisting of two professional staff members of EAZA member institutions and an EAZA Executive Office reporter will visit the applicant institution to determine whether it meets the required standards. The applicant institution is obliged to pay all travel and accommodation expenses for the Screening Team. 
  3. The Screening Mission Report produced by the Screening Team will be submitted to the EAZA Membership & Ethics Committee with advice on whether or not to award a certain category of membership. The Committee will then make a recommendation to Council, after which the Council makes the final decision on membership. If the applicant institution is accepted as a member of EAZA it will be obliged to pay an entrance fee of €785.

EAZA is a growing organisation and its standards are constantly reviewed and upgraded. Applicants and members alike should regularly review the currently applicable standards and policies and should contact the EAZA Executive Office if further guidance is required. As of 2009 steps are being taken towards the introduction of a voluntary reaccreditation scheme for all members.

Note: Please be aware that when your institution falls into the category of Associate Membership, the application process is slightly different and simplified (including a different membership fee scheme). If you would like to receive additional information or apply as an Associate member, please contact joni.hut@eaza.net.

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Costs of Membership

In addition to the application fee of €525 and the entrance fee of €785, EAZA Members are obliged to pay an annual membership fee. Members are classified into eight categories according to their membership category and the number of paying visitors to their institution in 2019.

EAZA Membership Fee 2020 and 2021

The information in the link is valid for the half 2020 EAZA membership year running from 1 July 2020 through 31 December 2020 and the full 2021 EAZA membership fee year running from 1 January 2021 through 31 December 2021. 

The half 2020 EAZA membership fee should be paid before 1 August 2020. The 2021 EAZA membership fee should be paid before 31 March 2021. Members that pay their membership fee after these deadlines are obliged to pay €250 administration costs. Besides financial implications, certain membership services may also be terminated until payment has been received.