The Academy continues to deliver high quality, applied courses taught by knowledgable professionals working within the zoo and aquarium community

EAZA is committed to enhancing the professionalism of its member institutions through training opportunities and has been running courses in breeding programme management since the mid 1990's. Thanks to a generous donation from Fondation Segré in 2010 a Training Officer was appointed to help expand the range of courses on offer. Now the EAZA Academy offers a wide range of courses aimed at all sectors of the zoo and aquarium community; from keepers to curators and educators to horticulturalists.

For details about our courses please go to the Courses webpage. 

For access to over 300 online learning courses and webinars please go to the: EAZA Academy: Online site (This site has been developed with the San Diego Zoo Global Academy and Cypherworx). 

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EAZA Academy aims

  • Develop and deliver high quality training to support the growth of EAZA and its members
  • Provide relevant training opportunities that are accessible to all members
  • Regularly evaluate training offered to ensure it remains current and of a high value
  • Where appropriate extend EAZA Academy training opportunities to constituencies beyond the membership

If you are interested in teaching on a course then please complete this CV and send it to Carolina Collinge.

The EAZA Academy is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and supports carbon offset activities.

Fondation Segré

Fondation Segré offers financial support to partner organisations concerned with the conservation of nature and with education. Projects are developed jointly with the partners to set the terms and conditions and the time horizon, which can extend over more than one year. Fondation Segré generously provided the initial financing of the Academy and remains keenly interested in its future.

Following the stated principles of the foundation, it is committed to different types of action, in particular:

  • Conservation of nature and its biodiversity
  • Education, training and scientific research
  • Restoration of monuments and preservation of the environment

The EAZA Academy is honoured to be chosen as one of the projects supported by Fondation Segré and greatly values the opportunity this has provided to develop and deliver relevant, high quality training opportunities available to the zoo and aquarium community.

If you would like to know more about Fondation Segré and the projects it supports please click here.