The event calendar includes EAZA conferences and meetings, as well as other events of interest to EAZA members. If you would like to submit an event for inclusion, please contact Lilian Fiolet.



Date Event  Location
19/04/18 - 21/04/18 EAZA Directors' Days (by invitation only) Antwerp Zoo, Belgium
25/04/18 - 27/04/18 Great Ape TAG midyear meeting (closed) Karlsruhe Zoo, Germany
30/04/18 - 04/05/18 Third Joint TAG Chairs meeting (Including, amongst others, Bird TAG midyear meeting) Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, Hungary
09/05/18 - 11/05/18 EAZA Zoo Horticulture/BIAZA Plant Working Group joint conference (registration, programme, field trips) Dublin Zoo, Ireland
22/05/18 - 25/05/18 EAZA Conservation Forum 2018 Tallinn Zoo, Estonia
23/05/18 - 27/05/18 Small Mammal TAG midyear meeting (closed) Zoologischer Garten Halle, Germany
25/05/18 - 27/05/18 2nd Tree Kangaroo Meeting (closed) Zoo Krefeld, Germany
11/06/18 - 16/06/18 Marine and/or freshwater teleost TAG meeting Vienna Zoo and the Haus des Meeres, Vienna, Austria
28/06/18 - 29/06/18 Workshop on naked mole-rat keeping (in German language) Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW), Berlin, Germany
18/09/18 - 22/09/18 EAZA Annual Conference 2018 Athens, Greece
06/10/18 - 12/10/18 Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference (EAZWV/AAZV/IZW) including Vet Advisor Workshop on Sunday 7 October  Prague, Czech Republic
08/10/18 - 12/10/18 “From Good Care to Great Welfare” workshop The Detroit Zoological Society’s Center for Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare and Ethics, Detroit, USA
14/10/18 - 18/10/18 International Zoo Educators’ 2018 conference Al Ain Zoo, United Arab Emirates





Date Event  Location
18/01/19 - 20/01/19  10th European Zoo Nutrition Conference Marwell Wildlife, United Kingdom
25/03/19 - 29/03/19 European Zoo Educators (EZE) Conference  Stockholm Zoo (Skansen Foundation), Sweden

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