The EAZA Executive Office (EEO) is the hub of the organisation's activities with a permanent staff who support the activities of the Association. The EEO provides a range of services to EAZA members including meeting and event logistics, membership administration, coordination of conservation and collection planning activities, publications, the website, campaign management, and a lot more.

EAZA follows the collective labor agreement for the leisure industry in relation to management of it's paid employees.

Fiscal number: 8163 55 460 L01

Contacting EAZA




+31 20 520 0750


+31 20 520 0752




Please note that, due to a technical issue, our phone system and fax machine are currently out of order (13 March 2018). Please send all inquiries to us by email.

Postal Address
c/o Artis Zoo - Amsterdam
PO Box 20164
1000 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Visitor Address     
Artis Zoo - Amsterdam
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
1018 CZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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MG 225bij225

Executive Director
Myfanwy Griffith

LS 225bij225

Office Manager
Lilian Fiolet

DM 225

EAZA Deputy Director / Director of Population management & Conservation
Danny de Man

DWM 225A

Director Communications and Membership
David Williams-Mitchell

WL 225x225B

Manager Animal Programmes & Conservation
William van Lint

Merel 225

Coordinator, Animal Programmes and Conservation
Merel Zimmermann

KH1 225bij225

Coordinator, Animal Programmes and Conservation
Katharina Herrmann

EF 225

Population Biologist
Elmar Fienieg

AA 225

Accreditation Manager
April Adams

JH 225

Accreditation Coordinator
Joni Hut


Events and Member Services Coordinator
Mirko Marseille

LM 225A

EAZA Academy Manager
Laura Myers

MV 225x225

Assistant Population Biologist
Maaike Voorham

Sander 225bij225

Species360 European Regional Coordinator
Sander Cozijn

KL 225A

EPMAG / Population Management
Kristin Leus

Sally 225bij225

Animal Welfare Coordinator
Sally Binding

MS 225x225

Office manager
Monica Szalma

AM 225x225

EU Policy Coordinator
Allan Muir


Funding Coordinator
Dalila Frasson

SCe 225x225

Communications Officer
Sandrine Camus

RvdM 225x225

Manager Population Management Centre
Raymond van der Meer

DAP 225x225

Animal Programmes and Conservation Coordinator
David Aparici Plaza

VC 225x225

EAZA Reproductive Biology Coordinator
Veronica Cowl