EAZA is committed to the promotion and support of nutritional knowledge in zoological institutions

The EAZA Nutrition Group (ENG), reporting to the Research Committee, seeks to improve communication and coordination among all those engaged in research, education, or application of comparative (zoo) nutrition, and those requiring nutrition information, chiefly within zoological institutions of Europe. The EAZA Nutrition Group organizes biennial conferences on zoo animal nutrition that are open to anyone interested in comparative and zoo animal nutrition. 

The mission statement of the ENG is to promote and support nutrition in zoological institutions as an essential component of their conservation mission. Membership is open to all individuals who support the aims of the EAZA Nutrition Group or need to know how they can improve nutrition in their zoo. Joining the group is simple; please e-mail Ollie Szyszka (ollies@marwell.org.uk) putting 'Join ENG' in the subject line. Afterwards, you will receive a form asking for your contact details and also to indicate your interests and/or expertise.”

From January 17-20, 2019 the 10th European Zoo Nutrition Conference will be hosted by Marwell Zoo in the United Kingdom. This biennial conference is attended by around 130 delegates from about 20 countries, representing zoo nutritionists, veterinarians, curators, animal keepers, staff and students from higher education institutes and private individuals.  Click here to visit the event page for more information

The EAZA Nutriiton Group is also active on Facebook, please visit the page and start following.

ENG Conference 2019

Programmes, abstracts and resources

European Zoo Nutrition Conferences (Programmes, abstracts and resources)

International Symposium on Pet Bird Nutrition

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ZOOQUARIA - Zoo Nutrition Special Editions


Zoo Animal Nutrition Books

These books gather together the scientific contributions to the European Zoo Nutrition Conferences. The fifth book in the series, covering the 2010 edition of the conference, is currently in production. To obtain a copy of any of these books, contact Filander Verlag at: info@filander.de

  • Zoo Animal Nutrition I (2000) - Edited by J. Nijboer, J.-M. Hatt, W. Kaumanns, A. Beijnen, U. Gansloßer (eds.).  Filander Verlag, Fürth  ISBN-10: 3-930831-29-5
  • Zoo Animal Nutrition II (2003) - Edited by A. Fidgett, M. Clauss, U. Gansloßer, J.-M. Hatt, J. Nijboer.  Filander Verlag, Fürth  ISBN-10: 3-930831-51-1
  • Zoo Animal Nutrition III (2006) - Edited by A. Fidgett, M. Clauss, K. Eulenberger, J.-M. Hatt, I. Hume, G. Janssens, J. Nijboer.  Filander Verlag, Fürth  ISBN-10: 3-930831-57-0 / ISBN-13: 978-3-930831-57-9
  • Zoo Animal Nutrition IV (2009) - Edited by M. Clauss, A. Fidgett, G. Janssens, J.-M. Hatt, T. Huisman, J. Hummel, J. Nijboer, A. Plowman. Filander Verlag, Fürth  ISBN-13: 978-3-930831-72-2