EAZA Corporate Members that can guarantee the safe and careful transportation of animals between zoos and aquariums by offering  the knowledge and the highly specialized equipment zoos need. Whether moving by air, sea or land, these logistics professionals can keep animals safe and comfortable, wherever they are going.



With many years of experience in the world of zoo and aquaria animal transportation Crossborder Animal Services BV (CAS) provides road and airfreight solutions all under the same umbrella, including the authorisation to act as Carrying Agent under the UK Rabies Order and the  possibility to supply custom made crates. Our fleet is licensed to handle short and long distance animal transfers (Traces Type I & II) and  has been modernised with the latest technologies such as track & trace and our Live Video monitoring system for giraffe and rhino road transfers.

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We are your specialist in the field of transporting all kinds of exotic animals between zoos in Europe, by road, sea and air. We have a lot of experience in keeping and transporting exotic animals, our specialities include giraffe and elephant transportation.

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Instone Air are specialists in animal air transport, providing a worldwide logistics service for all exotics, equines and livestock. With over 40 years experience, we have extensive knowledge and contacts with airlines enabling us to source the most appropriate aircraft and routes at competitive prices. We fully understand that transporting exotics is a complex process, requiring meticulous logistical planning to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of the animals throughout the journey and this is of course our number one priority. Fully compliant with IATA Live Animal Regulations, we can also arrange the design and manufacture of bespoke containers to suit individual animals.

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Komodo Zoo Services was founded to fulfill the needs of animal transport between zoological institutions, placing utmost priority on animal welfare. Primarily operating by road, with carefully designed vehicles and trailers, we also arrange air and sea transportation when required. We meticulously handle all documentation for exporting to non-EU countries, ensuring compliance with global regulations including customs, health certifications, and CITES permits. We offer bespoke, multi-material crates tailored to each animal's needs, including specialized tanks for aquatic species. Our distinguished flexibility enables us to personalize every transport experience, ensuring the animal welfare.

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Siane specializes in the transport of wild and exotic animals between European zoos by road, air and sea. Concerned about animal welfare and fully respecting all health and safety regulations, we provide our expertise for any type of animal transfers

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ZooLogistics is an airfreight-agent that takes professional care of the import and export of (zoo) animals. ZooLogistics has good relations with the airlines and the border inspection and converts your business logistical wishes into a custom made solution.

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