EAZA Corporate Members working in animal nutrition undertake a huge amount of research and development to provide zoo and aquarium animals with balanced diets appropriate to their situation.  Many of them also can be consulted for species specific dietary advice.



Animal feedstock company; European representative for Nutrazu Zoo Feeds. Nutritional advisory service. Scandinavian representative for Dodson & Horrell animal feeds. 

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As an international animal food supplier, we deliver zoos, bird of prey reserves, wildlife parks and bird parks throughout Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of feed for all animal species that live in zoos and animal parks, bird of prey facilities, wildlife parks, amusement parks and aquariums as well as at private customers. With our frozen food, we provide our customers with everything they need for a healthy nutrition for their animals in an uncomplicated and comprehensive way: from prey animals such as chicks, rats, mice and smaller rodents to many different types of meat and fish, to aquarium products and insects. With our own dry food line "Wildlife" and food from other well-known manufacturers, we also complete our range for herbivores.

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Granovit Zoofeed provides a product range of high quality zoo diets in the form of pellets, extrudates, granules and meals for herbivores, primates, carnivores, insectivores and birds. Our team of veterinarians develops and monitors the products and helps you to find the best way of including the diets into the daily ration. With science based concepts and ration advice our goal is to facilitate feeding in zoos to maintain healthy zoo animals and to contribute to their conservation.  Granovit Zoofeed is delivered all over Switzerland as well as Europe and overseas due to our reliable network of logistic partners and resellers. 


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One of the larger grain processing companies in the Netherlands, producing and selling products under different brand names and additionally supplying semi-final products to fellow companies under private labels.

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International operating wholesaler of animal foods and supplements.Our mission is to supply high-quality, reliable animal feed. This goes together with good advice and good service.

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Marine Nutrition is a UK based frozen animal feed specialist. We supply to Zoos and Aquariums across Europe. We are MSC certified and aim to always source from sustainable supplies whenever these are available. We offer a very extensive range of products at very competitive prices combined with first class service.

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For more than 30 years, zoos, breeders, and pet owners have trusted Mazuri U.S. to help exotic animals thrive in managed care.  Since 1989, Mazuri U.S. has been precisely manufacturing Mazuri® complete feeds, supplements, and tablets at the drug-free specialty facility in Richmond, Indiana.  Since 2015, the plant has been Food Safety System Certified 22000 (FSSC 22000), a rigorous quality certification program, which includes a quality control lab on premises and use independent labs for off-site testing.  Mazuri U.S. sells and distributes exotic animal feed solutions in over 30 countries in North America, LATAM, APAC, Oceania, and the Middle East. 

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Seafoodia is specialised in seafood fishing, production and sales on a global scale.  We export to over 60 countries, strengthened by our partnerships with over 40 production centres and fishing vessels throughout the world. Founded in North America, in 1997, today the business comprises of 42 employees in offices all over the world. 

At Seafoodia we value each individual. We are a team of women and men, sharing common goals, united in advancing the company, each other and ourselves. Build lasting partnerships, promote supply through renewable resources, grow with our partners and grow our business in the spirit of creativity, adventure, trust, efficiency, constant improvement, excellence and humility : This is our mission. 

We supply zoos and aquariums with frozen seafood coming from sustainable fisheries, with a high level of control of the quality and traceability, as we care for the nutrition of your animals. 

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Saint Laurent is a company specialized in food and equipment for wild and domestic animals, highly experienced with a broad clientele: zoos, aquaria, breeders, falconry…

Our main objectives are:

- to provide quality products, adapted to the needs of the animals
- to reduce transport costs by combining logistic services

Our range of dry and frozen food is one of the most extensive on the market. Since 2007, we provide a full range of dried foods for animals, especially for birds, primates, herbivores, carnivores... We also offer food supplements and a wide range of equipment for zoos and breeders, such as incubators and brooders, nets, falconry gloves, etc

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