Animal feedstock company; European representative for Nutrazu Zoo Feeds. Nutritional advisory service. Scandinavian representative for Dodson & Horrell animal feeds. 

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International operating wholesaler of animal foods and supplements.Our mission is to supply high-quality, reliable animal feed. This goes together with good advice and good service.

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Marine Nutrition is a UK based frozen animal feed specialist. We supply to Zoos and Aquariums across Europe. We are MSC certified and aim to always source from sustainable supplies whenever these are available. We offer a very extensive range of products at very competitive prices combined with first class service.

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Manufacturer and supplier of zoological diets, specifically formulated for each species. 

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Saint Laurent is specialized in food for wild and domestic animals, food supplements and equipment for zoos, aquariums, breeders, and the quality is guaranteed based on our over 45 years experience.

Our main objectives are:

  • to provide quality products, adapted to the needs of your animals
  • to reduce transport costs by combining logistic services We have a very wide clientele including zoos, aquaria, breeders, falconry.

Our range of frozen meat and fish products is one of the most extensive on the market. Since 2007, we also provide a full range of dried foods for animals. Our product range is specially designed for birds, primates, herbivores and carnivores. We offer a wide range of equipment for zoos and other clients such as incubators and brooders for birds and reptiles, nets and falconry gloves.

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One of the larger grain processing companies in the Netherlands, producing and selling products under different brand names and additionally supplying semi-final products to fellow companies under private labels.

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