Interested in becoming a Gold EAZA Corporate Member? Please send a message to and you will receive an electronic application form* soon.

* Together with the filled in application form you are required to provide at least two letters of recommendation. One has to be from an EAZA Member (or member of another national or regional zoo association). The second can be from a company that you have worked with or are currently working with.  


  1. Exclusive rights to use the EAZA Corporate Member logo on advertising and marketing materials
  2. Inclusion in a prominently located exclusive list of EAZA Corporate Members on EAZA website, including company logo, short profile and link to your company website
  3. Listing of the company, logo and website on the EAZA Member map on the front page of the EAZA website
  4. Access to protected content on the EAZA Member Area website including the online Membership Directory
  5. Opportunity for the Corporate Members to extend exclusive offers to other EAZA Members through direct mailing
  6. Corporate Member coordinator at the EAZA Executive Office available for advice and assistance on EAZA policies, working groups, initiatives, etc
  7. Discount of 30% on standard exhibition and sponsorship rate at EAZA Annual Conferences
  8. Inclusion in list of current Corporate Members in the EAZA quarterly Zooquaria magazine
  9. Discount of 35% on standard advertising rates in Zooquaria magazine
  10. One free A5 advertisement in Zooquaria
  11. One free full-page advertisement in Zooquaria
  12. One personalized feature (company profile, case study, trending or results) with logo, link and visual published in eNews per year (text must be submitted in the previous month)
  13. Social Media Promotion on the EAZA LinkedIn page: four posts with different content (to be provided by Corporate Member - achievements, work, interview, advertorial article etc. – one week before publication) published on the dates and times of  the Corporate Member’s choice (providing availability on the EAZA social media calendar). The schedule will be discussed at the beginning of the calendar year with EAZA Communication Coordinator

Price - €3582 for a year (2024)

Please note:

  • Corporate Membership year runs for 12 months from 1 January each year. Companies joining during the year will pay a pro-rata fee and will be Corporate Members until the beginning of January in the subsequent year.
  • The number of promotional benefits (free Zooquaria adverts, eNews features and LinkedIn posts) will be adapted pro-rata of the preliminary approval date.
  • Please be aware that this preliminary approval of membership will have to be formalised by EAZA Council, which may take up to six months as Council meets two times a year.
  • If Council decides not to accept the preliminary approval, a pro-rata amount of the paid fee will be reimbursed, and the membership terminated.
  • Membership is automatically renewed annually unless the Corporate Member sends written confirmation of their intent to withdraw.
  • A 3% annual increase is applied to all EAZA membership fees. 
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