Third party companies contracted by zoos and aquariums to develop and manage events, ranging from conferencing to concerts and temporary exhibitions.



As the first mover to hold the traditional light festival in the Europe, China Light presents custom-made lights, professional services to business partner, and environment-friendly events to the society. The lamps used to make light objects are all LED from 2014, which are beneficial to energy saving. The services provided by China Light include light objects design, production, installation, maintenance, dismantling, disposal and logistics supports. China Light is devoted to realizing a win-win relationship with business partner, as well as presenting a truly remarkable event to visitors in which visual enjoyment meets traditional culture, and knowledge mergers with pleasure.

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Dino Don, Inc. is a traveling exhibitions company creating the world's only full sized, scientifically accurate animatronic dinosaurs. Specializing in behavioral scenes, Dino Don, Inc creates custom exhibitions for any venue. 

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