EAZA Corporate Members in enclosure equipment work to maximize the quality of animal welfare through the design and manufacture of enrichment tools and enclosure furniture. Their work helps zoos find optimal solutions for animals and visitors through the provision of artificial rocks, botanical additions and landscaping, and ropes and lifting equipment.  They also provide technological products and services such as incubators, and monitoring and heating systems.



Support and development of solutions for the development of enclosures and aviaries. Supply of accessories and professional equipment for zoos. Veterinary material equipment

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ArtSystemDeco is a world-class provider of artificial stones and rocks, artificial trees, decorative facades and themed floors. We specialise in building and theming interior and exterior enclosures for zoological and botanical gardens, arranging theme parks, waterparks and public aquariums. Over the last 20 years we had the pleasure to work for many zoos across Central Europe. We also had a unique chance to be the main contractor of a whole set of enclosures for new zoological gardens.

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Dorset Identification has been involved in animal identification and electronic systems since 1989. To identify animals we supply passive tags and we produce portable and stationary reading equipment. Also combinations with feeders, weighing equipment, direction control and access gates are possible. Besides the identification systems we also supply a wireless sensor system to monitor room or water conditions. The sensors can monitor temperature, humidity and all kinds of other values.

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One of the main suppliers of tropical and subtropical plants and trees for interior landscaping; large assortment of plants up to 14m high.

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KaGo & Hammerschmidt is a specialist for the construction of artificial rocks, executing zoo projects all over Europe. For 25 years we have been building immersive worlds with artificial rocks, façade decorations, artificial trees and palm-trees, climbing rocks, themed floors as well as floor and wall paintings. As a certified company according to DIN ISO 9001:2008, we implement projects of all sizes efficiently and reliably and serve our clients with quality 'Made in Germany' .

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A reliable supplier in the field of special plant projects. We supervise the process from start to finish, whether it concerns resolving complex logistics issues or assisting in realising planting schemes.

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We are a company that produces artificial rock panels from fiberglass reinforced concrete and also, projected concrete on-site for indoor and outdoor areas. We create caves, waterfalls, waterscapes, streams, shorelines and decorations for animal enclosures . For projects, drawings and advise we collaborate with architects and landscape architects.

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Indoor & outdoor facilities advices, Studies - design - manufacturing - installation of structures and control for enclosures (grids, net, tubes partitions). Experience in various species : elephants, hippos, big cats, sea lions, primates, parrots, birds.

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Produce and sell professional animal equipment, for example nets for birds and mammals, enrichment products, heating systems, incubator systems, monitoring and observation systems.

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