The best aquariums provide both a great visitor experience and high levels of animal welfare, through a holistic approach.  The work of EAZA’s Corporate Member aquarium designers and manufacturers includes high-quality aquariums and water tanks, water treatment systems and other tools for water management including underwater lighting, filters, pumps and various enrichment materials.



Manufacturer of technical products for aquariums: lights, pumps, filters, especially for saltwater aquariums, protein skimmers, sea salt (see website). Also large public aquarium projects.

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Sander is primarily a manufacturer of ozone generators and protein skimmers. Planning, installation and commisioning of life support and water treatment systems for aquaria and zoos is a typical part of our scope of works. Sander can also supply all individual filtration components on demand tailored to improve your system performance.

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BLV offers not only a comprehensive lighting portfolio for aquariums including systems for fish keeping, breeding and quarantine tanks as well as for coral growth and underwater shows, but for almost all areas within a zoo. It comprises UV lighting for reptile enclosures and indoor bird aviaries as well as for indoor plants, butterfly houses and botanical gardens.

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