Screening Team Resources

Screening team resources

What is the role of an EAZA screener?
As EAZA reinforces its position as the most progressive zoo and aquarium organisation in the world, we expect our membership to hold to the highest standards in animal care, conservation education, and facility management as defined by our Codes and Standards. It is your role as a screener to encourage and enforce these Standards, and to share your knowledge and experience with fellow EAZA Member facilities through hands-on screening missions. On a screening mission you will have an opportunity for knowledge exchange, networking with other zoo and aquarium leadership and advancing the quality of zoos and aquariums in and around Europe. Please read our screening team guidelines and guide to being a screener to learn more about what it means to be an EAZA screener.

Who can be an EAZA screener?
Any senior member of management with five years of experience at an EAZA Full Member institution is welcome. This includes directors, veterinarians, educators and curators. Please fill out an information form to join our team of screeners.

What is the time and cost commitment to being an EAZA screener?
Screening missions vary from a two days/one night to a four days/three nights commitment, depending on the size of the facility and available travel options. All travel costs will be paid for by the applicant institution. You need only volunteer your time and knowledge.

Please contact for any questions or to become a screener.
Your participation in the EAZA Accreditation Programme is very much appreciated and acknowledged, and we look forward to working with you.

Additional resources for screeners