10 -13 May 2016
@EAZAZoos, #CF2016

Conference themes

From September 2017 onwards we will welcome the submission of abstracts on a variety of conservation themes and formats (oral presentations, posters, movies, workshops, discussion sessions (panel or knowledge café style).
Conservation efforts in the Baltic region 
As the host of this edition, Tallinn Zoo, is situated in the Baltic region, we are especially interested in showcasing conservation stories from the area.  
Wildlife trade 
From 2017 – 2019 the EAZA Conservation Campaign “Silent Forests” is focused on raising funds and awareness for the devastating impact of trade on Asian song bird populations. In line with this theme, we welcome abstracts which highlight conservation activities in regions affected by unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade in general, such as South East Asia, Africa and South America. Next to that we are also interested in addressing the issue from the angle of education, influencing behaviour change and sustainable collection planning.  
Investing in conservation 
Conservation support comes in many forms and levels; financial, in-kind and more. But how can one make the biggest impact with the resources available? How does one choose where to invest the resources. We are looking for experiences from both the in situ and ex situ world to make these choices as well as examples of how to effectively fundraise for conservation.

Fresh water conservation 
We are interested to explore the roles different stakeholders (zoos/aquariums/private collections) can play in the management of freshwater species that are extinct in the wild and how to address the long-term survival planning of these and species on the verge of being lost forever; how can we pre-empt extinctions and come to the rescue? Furthermore, how can we halt the impact of invasive alien species when there is not yet a clear understanding by governments and funders of the threat to freshwater ecosystems. Next to that the management, handling and husbandry of freshwater species oriented projects as well as the role for zoos and aquariums to engage with conservation practitioners to improve success are of interest. 
Connecting people to nature (conservation) 
We are looking for examples on how to engage the many different target groups (zoo visitors but also local population and local governments) in conservation. How can the social sciences be incorporated into conservation field programmes. What sustainable choice can zoos and aquaria make for themselves and promote to their audiences.   
Conservation reintroductions 
We would like to invite submissions on conservation translocations (reintroductions, augmentations and conservation introductions). Especially submissions that provide a synopsis of conservation translocations at a taxa or regional level, and include quantitative outcomes or indices of success that can be incorporated into a meta-analysis are welcomed. 
Under this theme, the topic of Rewilding would also be of interest and could include explaining the philosophy of this approach for habitat restoration, the opportunities for the zoo community, but also the limitations to be accepted in this concept.

Wildlife Tours

The post-conference wildlife tours are organized by a company called Natourest. Except for the Lahemaa National park tour, which is a day-trip, the other tours include at least 1 night. The Lahemaa National park tour is free to attend for all delegates and is kindly sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund.  Places for the tours are very limited and are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Full = full. Please note that the tours of Matsalu and Hiiumaa are overlapping!

The deadline for signing up for a tour is March 1, 2018 or until the maximum number of participants has been achieved. Please click on any of the tours below to find more detailed information. You can sign up for one of the tours during the completion of the Conservation Forum registration procedure


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During registration you will also be asked if you would like to join in one of the optional post-conference wildlife tours. Please note that seats for the tours are limited and full = full. More information about the wildlife tours can be found further down this page. Your partner is also welcome to join during the social events of the conference, additional information about what to see and to do in Tallinn (partners can enjoy the same offers that are extended to the delegates - free city transport and access to Tallinn Zoo) will soon be presented here. 

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The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is working hard to foster stronger collaboration on species conservation and especially on linking in situ and ex situ expertise. These mutually beneficial collaborations include supporting field projects, joint conservation action planning and priority setting as well as working together on species conservation direct actions and awareness raising.

From 10 – 13 May 2016 BioParc Fuengirola (Spain) was the proud host of the very successful 2016 edition of the EAZA Conservation Forum. 161 participants from over 100 different conservation organisations and zoos, came from 5 continents/32 countries to share their experiences in conservation and to continue building bridges between in situ and ex situ professionals. Next to more than 40 presentations and 4 workshops, there were a total of 28 posters available to view. A first for this Forum was the opportunity to show short films illustrating different conservation projects and activities.

During the Conservation Forum the EAZA Conservation Committee strives to create a meaningful platform where the zoo community as well as the field conservation community can gather and exchange experiences and build bridges between the two worlds.

Keep an eye out for details on the next edition of the EAZA Conservation Forum in 2018!



Keynote speakers

freyhof 225x225

Jörg Freyhof

- Coordinator IUCN SSC Freshwater fish Red List Authority
- Chair for North Africa, Europe and the Middle East IUCN SSC/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group

Riinu Rannap 225x225

Riinu Rannap

- Research Fellow in Conservation Biology at University of Tartu, Estonia
- Habitat management and restoration of threatened amphibians in Estonia and Northern Europe

Paul Jepson 225x225

Paul Jepson

- Member supervisory board Rewilding Europe
- Course Director MSc Biodiversity, Conservation & Management & Senior Research Fellow, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford

Romero 225x225

Jorge Rodríguez Romero

- Deputy Head of Unit - Multilateral Environmental Cooperation at European Commission - DG Environment
- EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking



Click on the links below for downloading the programme (PDF format) and to see an overview of all accepted posters presented at the Forum. 


to the following EAZA members who have kindly supported some of the speakers in the 2016 programme through Direct Sponsorship!

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EAZA strives to foster stronger collaboration related to species conservation and especially on linking in situ and ex situ expertise. You can contribute in furthering these partnerships by sponsoring the EAZA Conservation Forum in the following manners:

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Bioparc Fuengirola is honoured to host the EAZA Conservation Forum 2016, the year of the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Bioparc Fuengirola, formerly Fuengirola Zoo. Fundacion Bioparc is a nonprofit organization created within Bioparc Fuengirola and Bioparc Valencia, as a tool to develop conservation projects and outreach.

According to the statutes, "the purpose of Fundacion Bioparc is to promote the preservation of tropical and Mediterranean forests of the world, its animal and plant species, cultures, people and nations that inhabit them, through research, conservation, education, outreach and cooperation, and by developing sustainable projects both in situ and ex situ that contribute to this aim, and by producing documentaries that will help to spread these purposes ".

Fundacion Bioparc was established as "Fundacion Instituto del Tropico" in 2007, and is registered in the Ministry of Environment Foundations Register since 2009. In early 2011 has been renamed "Fundacion Bioparc" in order to keep with the two promoter parks a consistent corporate image.