EAZA Ex Situ Programme (EEP)

White-fronted marmoset

(Callithrix geoffroyi)

 Agustín López Goya
Institution:   Faunia

EAZA Member Area


IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List LC


Programme roles

Non Conservation icon  Education
The ex situ population should be used to educate visitors about callitrichid biology and ecology in general and the impact the species has in range on other callitrichid species (invasive species in range). 

This attractive and easy-to-handle exhibit species allows EAZA institutions to gain experience with callitrichid management and maintain knowledge on mixed-species exhibits to preserve this knowledge and block space for future generations of callitrichid species of conservation concern. 

Programme numbers

In December 2022, the White-fronted marmoset EEP had 311 animals in 84 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • The Callitrichid TAG has a playlist on YouTube with videos about Callitrichids.
  • The Callitrichid TAG has an active Facebook group that is open to those working with callitrichids.   

Best Practice Guidelines