EAZA Ex Situ Programme (EEP)

(Strix uralensis)

 Rebecca Loiseleur
Institution: Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix

EAZA Member Area


Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List LC


Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Population restoration
The Ural owl is listed as IUCN Least Concern with a stable population in the wild. However, population restoration (locally) are required  to keep the population stable. This can only be done by following the rules and procedures as laid out in the Population Management Manual and following the IUCN Guidelines for Reintroduction and Other Conservation Translation. Furthermore, the origin of any individual animal needs to be know and genetic research may be needed to determine the subspecies. 

Built an insurance population  for the subspecies Strix uralensis macroura. We have to make sure we use birds of a known origin. 
Indirect Conservation icon  Education
Should the reintroductions go as planned and are correctly done then these can be used as examples of (successful) reintroduction stories. 

Programme numbers

In January 2020, the Ural owl EEP had 139 animals in 54 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • In Zooquaria 112 (summer 2021) on page 14 there is an article on the Raptor TAG – subgroup Owls Regional Collection Plan and the plans for the exceptional birds.
  • EAZA published its 2022 Annual TAG Report.
  • The EAZA Raptor TAG is very active on Facebook with an open Facebook page where they regularly publish news stories. There is also a closed group that is open to EAZA members.