EAZA Ex Situ Programme (EEP)

Lesser chevrotain

(Tragulus javanicus and Tragulus kanchil)

 Tjerk ter Meulen 
Institution:   Artis Zoo

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Programme roles


Indirect Conservation icon  Fundraising
The EAZA population will help fundraise to support ex situ conservation activities for Balabac chevrotains [by Katala Foundation in the Philippines] and/or [Silver-backed chevrotain (in situ research)].

Use this population to maintain and develop husbandry further for lesser chevrotains, also for supporting the Balabac chevrotain population.
Non Conservation icon  Education
The EAZA population can be used to educate about evolutionary distinctiveness and showcase the smallest deer species.


Programme numbers

In February 2023, the Lesser chevrotain EEP had 47 animals in 69 institutions.

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