EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Javan green magpie

(Cissa thalassina)​

 Andrew Owen 
Institution:    Chester Zoo

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Chester Zoo

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List CR



Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon • Rescue
Given the potential incoming confiscations, wild individuals need to be located at bird markets and, when deemed suitable, brought into human care in a proper setting. This role focuses primarily on Indonesia as birds would come from local bird markets.

Insurance population
This role contemplates the possibility to maintain a long-term ex situ population to preserve options for the future. It requires demographic and genetic management and it is linked to managed populations in Indonesia.

Research (genetic)
Genetic research is needed for the insurance population for the EAZA and the range country populations.

Training (husbandry, veterinary, support and small population management)
Training is needed in countries that have Javan green magpie populations and consists of building capacity of aviculturists and veterinarian in Indonesia with the right skillset. 

Conservation education
Conservation education is aimed at local communities in Western Java (Indonesia).
Indirect Conservation icon Fundraising
Funds to be raised in support of in situ field surveys. This can be more than just money, and also include the provision of training, material and equipment, expertise, and personnel for in situ projects.

• Stakeholder network
Creating network of relevant stakeholders: identification and involvement of relevant stakeholders for in situ projects.

Conservation education
The Javan green magpie was the flagship species of the EAZA Silent Forest campaign and even now can play an important role in raising awareness of the ongoing songbird crisis.
Non Conservation icon Exhibit
The Javan green magpie is a very active and noisy bird and makes for a very nice exhibit species. 

Programme partners

Silent Forest BirdLife International IUCN SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group
Cikananga Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark  


Programme numbers

In December 2020, the Javan green magpie EEP had 95 animals in 6 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • The EAZA Silent Forest Group has a Facebook page where news updates are regularly posted.
  • The EAZA Silent Forest Group website is regularly updated with news stories about ongoing activities and project updates from in situ projects supported by the working group. Some of these projects are aimed at protecting the Javan green magpie. There is also a page dedicated to the Javan green magpie EEP which has additional information on it.
  • There is an article on the EAZA Silent Forest campaign in the WAZA News Magazine (2019, page 21). 
  • The EAZA Annual TAG Report 2021 has been published.

Best Practice Guidelines


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