EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Guinea baboon

(Papio papio, P. anubis, P. cynocephalus)

 Luca Morino 
Institution:   Parc Zoologique de Paris

EAZA Member Area


Parc Zoologique de Paris

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List NT


Programme roles

The Guinea baboon, Yellow baboon and Olive baboon are managed under one Guinea baboon EEP. As the sole near-threatened baboon species the Guinea baboon is the only species in this EEP for which roles were selected. The yellow and olive baboon species are managed to be phased out, and they do not have any conservation roles.

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance
If needed in the future, the ex situ population can act as a valuable base for forming an insurance population given identified challenges (manage a stable number of holders, reassessment of conservation status, Best Practice Guidelines developed and genetics worked out) are tackled.
Non Conservation icon  Ex situ research and training (outside range)
Keeping an ex situ population generates helpful expertise (e.g. managing big troops) that is shared with in range countries institutions and rescue centers

Programme numbers

In June 2020, the Guinea baboon EEP had 278 animals in 10 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • Zooquaria issue 109 (Autumn 2020, page 16–17) features an interview with Tjerk ter Meulen (Afro–Eurasian Monkey TAG Chair) about the TAG's plans for the species under their remit. 
  • The EAZA Annual TAG Report 2021 has been published. 

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