EAZA Ex Situ Programme

Goeldi's monkey

(Callimico goeldii)

 Susan O'Brien
Institution:   Dublin Zoo

EAZA Member Area

Dublin zoo

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List VU


Programme roles

Non Conservation icon  Education
The ex situ population serves well to educate visitors about callitrichid biology, ecology and conservation in general; in particular, Callimico goeldii has the highest evolutionary distinctiveness (ED) score among callitrichids, and it is the only callitrichid with single births.

 Research (contraception)
Managing the ex situ population continues to allow opportunities for improving knowledge/experience on contraception methods for the species. 

Programme numbers

In December 2023, the Goeldi's monkey EEP had 294 animals in 82 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • The Callitrichid TAG has an active Facebook group that is open to those working with callitrichids. 
  • Dublin Zoo has an information page about Goeldi’s monkeys on their website. 
  • The Callitrichid TAG has a playlist on YouTube with videos about Callitrichids.  

Best Practice Guidelines