EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)


(Bos gaurus)

 Aude Bourgeois 
Institution:   Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

EAZA Member Area


Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List VU


Programme roles

No roles were established for the Gaur EEP. The main goal of the EEP will be to phase out this species. The Cattle and Camelid TAG has recommended that the gaur will be replaced by another cattle species with conservation roles, such as the banteng.


Programme numbers

In April 2021, the Gaur EEP had 33 animals in 9 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • The IUCN Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group has a very active Facebook page where they regularly publish news stories and updates.
  • EAZA published its 2021 Annual TAG Report

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