EAZA Ex situ programme (EEP)

Emperor tamarin

(Saguinus imperator)

 Nicolas Lefrique
Institution:   Zooparc de Beauval

EAZA Member Area


Zooparc de beauval

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List LC


Programme roles

Indirect Conservation icon  Education/Ambassador
The ex situ population can act as an ambassador for threatened callitrichid species. It can be used to inform the public about the threats that threatened callitrichid species face in situ.
Non Conservation icon  General education (outside range countries)
This species has a very unique and highly evolutionary distinctiveness among callitrichids. This is expressed in a score called ED (this is furthered explained on this website). The species can be used to share information in general about callitrichid biology and the evolution of facial expressions in monkeys.

This attractive, popular, and easy to handle exhibit species allows EAZA institutions to gain experience with callitrichid management and to maintain knowledge on mixed species exhibits as well to preserve this knowledge and keep up staff experience.

Programme numbers

In October 2021, the Emperor tamarin EEP had 428 animals in 117 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • EAZA published its 2021 Annual TAG report.
  • The EAZA Callitrichid TAG has a very active Facebook Group in which they share news stories. The closed group is primarily intended for staff working with callitrichids in zoos or in the field. 
  • The Callitrichid TAG has a playlist on YouTube with videos about Callitrichids. 

Best Practice Guidelines


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