EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Blue-eyed black lemur

(Eulemur flavifrons)

 Brice Lefaux 
Institution:   Mulhouse Zoo

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IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List CR


Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance
The ex situ population is a potential future source to build up (long-term) populations for reintroduction in Madagascar.

 Conservation Education (in range)
by working together with AEECL (Lemur Conservation Association) in range and aims to research, protect, and restore the vital ecosystems of the species, by collaborating with local communities and authorities to establish a sustainable and biodiverse habitat for the future.

Indirect Conservation icon  Fundraising
Providing financial support to in situ projects. All holders are encouraged to support the work of AEECL. This organisation is the only one focusing on blue-eyed black lemur conservation. 

Programme numbers

In January 2024 the Blue - eyed black lemur EEP had 23 animals in 10 institutions

Programme highlights

  • Apenheul Primate Park has a fact sheet with information about the blue - eyed black lemur. 
  • The Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL) has an active website and Facebook page where they regularly publish news stories about projects they support and interesting lemur species. 
  • World Lemur Day is celebrated on October 30. On social media follow the hashtag #WorldLemurDay to see the latest news stories.
  • EAZA published their annual 2021 TAG report. To see what activities the Prosimian TAG has been up to during 2021 please click here (page 32)

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