EAZ Ex Situ Programme (EEP)


(Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi

 Sam Whitbread
Institution:   Chessington World of Adventures

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IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List LC


Programme roles

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The programme will manage the EAZA population of Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi to maintain the only represented species from of the hartebeest/blesbok clade. Best Practice Guidelines will be developed to provide more guidance to holders on challenges experienced with keeping the blesbok in mixed exhibits. It will be necessary to establish a good protocol to implemen a stratety to manage the surplus challenges seen in many Savannah antelope species (one such strategy could be breed and cull).

Programme numbers

In August 2022, the Blesbok EEP had 262 animals in 51 institutions.

Programme highlights