EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Black-crested mangabey

(Lophocebus aterrimus)

 Tjerk ter Meulen
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Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance
The EEP population should (and continues to) be managed as part of the global population to act as an insurance population if needed.
Indirect Conservation icon  Conservation Education
 Keeping this species in ex situ supports educating the public on the strong conservation story for the mangabeys. Various stakeholders work together to save the species by targeting the threats the species face in situ (habitat loss and being hunted for bush meat). 
Non Conservation icon  Exhibit (Taxonomic diversity)
the EEP population is the only species kept ex situ worldwide and can be used to enhance visitor experience by keeping them in mixed species exhibits. Keeping it in mixed species exhibits allows the ex-situ community to maintain knowledge on managing mixed species exhibits containing Afro-Eurasian Monkeys (e.g., mixed in with Western lowland gorillas).

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Programme numbers

In December 2023, the Black - crested mangabey EEP had 49 animals in 10 institutions. The Black - crested mangabey is managed as a international studbook.

Programme highlights

  • In Zooquaria 111 (Spring 2021) on page 18 there is an article about the Mangabey LTMP. Zooquaria 109 (Autumn 2020) on page 16 there is an interview with the Afro – Eurasian Monkey TAG Chair about the RCP. 
  • EAZA published its 2022 Annual TAG Report with on page 37 the activities of the afro – Eurasian TAG. 
  • The EAZA Afro – Eurasian Monkey TAG has a very active Facebook page where they regularly publish new stories.

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