EAZA represents its Members in CITES as an observer organisation


Modern zoos and aquariums play an important part in the task of stopping the decline of the natural world, also by addressing illegal, unsustainable, unethical and unsafe trade in wildlife. This is why EAZA is an observer organization in CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which has been regulating international wildlife trade since 1975.   

EAZA Members, located in 48 countries, cooperate on a daily basis with their national CITES authorities: by providing a safe shelter to confiscated animals, sharing expertise with enforcement officials, funding anti-trafficking programmes and educating the public.  

On the EAZA level, we are involved in CITES in order to share our Members’ expertise and to amplify the voice of zoos and aquariums in decisions on trade and cross-border animal movements. EAZA participates in Conferences of the Parties, in meetings of the Animals- and Standing Committees, and in working groups.  


EAZA’s feedback for CITES CoPs

More than 180 countries have ratified CITES. They, and observers, meet every three years at Conferences of the Parties (CoPs) to amend the species listings in CITES appendices, approve regulatory documents, allocate fundand define strategic directions for the Convention.  

Ahead of each CoP, EAZA experts formulate feedback to proposals made for the meetings. 

Cites COP19 

EAZA’s Feedback to Proposals for CITES CoP19 

  • Voting recommendations on key species listing proposals 
  • Advice on:  
    • species-specific matters (trade in songbirds, elephants, and marine ornamental fishes) 
    • strategic matters (CITES and zoonoses),  
    • implementation matters (Appropriate and Acceptable Destinations, transport of live specimens) 
    • and other issues of zoo relevance.  

To discuss our feedback to CoP19 proposals please contact Danny de Man, EAZA Deputy Executive Director, at danny.de.man (at) eaza.net.


EAZA side event at CoP19

Silent Forest – Songbird Trade  
EAZA side event at CoP19 
23 November, 19.00-21.00, room Istmo 1, with catering 

Songbirds have been particularly high on our conservation agenda.They were at the heartof “Silent Forest“, an EAZA conservation campaign in 2018-2019.  

Three years ago, CITES CoP18 ended with a much-welcomed recognition that trade in songbirds must be better scrutinized. Since then, only little progress has been made towards a better CITES-based protection of songbirds from illegal and unsustainable international trade.  

To inject fresh energy into this topic, EAZA will host a side event linked to CoP19 Document 74on 23 November (19.00-21.00 hrs), in partnership with NGOs (Species360, Birdlife, Monitor, TRAFFIC, IUCN, WCS, AZA, WAZA and the Red Siskin Initiative)and the United States. 

We will give you an overview of the latest research on trade in songbirds, call for urgentimplementation of the proposed decisionsand presentour organisations’expertise and possibilities for joining forces in said implementation. Delegates from all Parties and fellow Observer Organisationsare warmly invited to attend! 

More: Silent Forest, a working group of the EAZA Songbird Taxon Advisory Group 

Silent Forest 600