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Please send completed application forms to Laura Myers putting the course title in the subject line.  Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted to confirm whether you have been accepted onto the training event.

Clax Italia scholarships

These scholarships are open to employees of EAZA Members or Candidates for Membership, and are made possible due to a partnership with EAZA Corporate Member, Clax Italia. Clax Italia, which manufactures, designs and fits small to huge acrylic panels, has generously agreed to donate monies to EAZA with every order made by an EAZA member to Clax Italia, either directly or when using Clax Italia acrylics ordered via a contractor.

The aims of the scholarships are to promote professional training and support motivated, committed zoo staff to further their skills development, and we thank Clax Italia for this fantastic support of the association.

Scholarships are available for all courses listed on the courses page, with the exception of Breeding Programme Management courses. 

CLAX Italia 225

Scholarships will cover:

  • Course fee
  • Cost of return airfare, or standard class train or bus travel, or car mileage at €0.19 per km to the course location (travel arrangements and costs to be agreed before payment is made)

Scholarship applicants are required to complete a scholarship application form and provide two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from your current manager and the other from someone else who knows you well and is linked to the work of zoos and aquariums. Click on the images on the right to open these documents.

If you are unsuccessful in your scholarship submission but wish to attend the course anyway, sending in a scholarship application form does not guarantee you a place. To guarantee your place you must submit a completed application form for the course and pay the course fee in full. If you then receive a Clax Scholarship the course fee will be refunded to you.

Submissions that are incomplete will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that both letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline. Submissions are reviewed by members of the EAZA Executive Committee and the EAZA Executive Office, with successful participants usually being notified a minimum of 4 weeks before the start of their course.

All scholarship submissions should be emailed to Laura Myers

If you or your organisation would like to offer a scholarship to EAZA Academy participants then please contact Laura Myers to discuss this further.