EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) is the membership organization of the leading zoos and aquariums in Europe and Western Asia

Formed in 1992, EAZA’s (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) mission is to facilitate cooperation within the European zoo and aquarium community towards the goals of education, research and conservation.

We believe that zoos and aquaria have a strong role to play in protecting nature and wildlife both at our institutions and out in the field, by:

  • Providing funding and manpower to in situ conservation projects aimed at protecting animal populations and their habitats
  • Maintaining viable populations of animals in human care to ensure their survival over the long term
  • Educating our visitors about animals and their habitats and providing them with the knowledge and opportunities they need to live sustainably as part of nature
  • Researching all aspects of animal biology to improve our understanding of animals and how they live and interact

By ensuring that its member zoos and aquariums achieve and maintain the highest standards of care and breeding for the species they keep, EAZA empowers European citizens to learn about and contribute to global biodiversity conservation goals. It is estimated that more than 140 million people visit EAZA members each year, equivalent to approximately one in five European citizens.


Progressive Zoos and Aquariums Saving Species Together With You


EAZA is the Membership organisation that sets the standard for progressive zoos and aquariums and other partners across Europe, Western Asia and beyond.  ​We strive continuously to define and demonstrate excellence in integrated species conservation through a transparent and collaborative approach to population management, wild animal care and welfare, representation with international organisations, conservation education, and scientific research. 

European Union LIFE NGO operating grants

Since 2016 EAZA has been a beneficiary of European Union LIFE NGO operating grants. This valuable support has enabled EAZA to expand its activities in a variety of areas relating to European environmental and climate actions.

The European Union is not responsible for the views displayed in publications and/or in conjunction with the activities for which the grant is used.