Hosted by Zoomarine, Portugal (27 September - 1 October, 2022)

The EAZA Annual Conference is the biggest annual gathering of the European zoo and aquarium community, bringing more than 600 delegates together for four days of meetings, presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. The event is primarily aimed at EAZA members, with most of EAZA's TAGs and committees holding meetings alongside a variety of special workshops. Plenary sessions bring all conference delegates together to focus on topics of broad interest to the community.

The upcoming EAZA Annual Conference 2022 will be hosted by Zoomarine Portugal, from 27 September to 1 October, 2022. The congress venue Palácio de Congressos do Algarve (Salgados Congress center) is only 10 kilometers away from Albufeira. 

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EVENT WEBSITE. For questions about hotel bookings and room availability please e-mail bookings@nauhotels.com

Bus transfers / shuttle service

As mentioned on the event page free transfers from Faro airport to NAU Salgados Palace (Event venue) are offered to all registered delegates who have finalized the payment. These transfers are only available on specific dates. The conference organizer also offers shuttle services between pick-up points in Albufeira and the venue during the conference week. For our timetable of all shuttle services please click here

Accommodation (Recommended Conference hotels fully booked)

For the EAZA Annual Conference 2022 a special deal was signed with Salgados Palace and Salgados Palm Village hotels. Due to to extremely high demand, both hotels are now FULLY BOOKED.

Alternative hotel recommendations in relative close proximity of the congress venue can be found in the table by clicking here (Please understand no discount or promo codes apply here). 

Other options

Alternative accommodation opportunities are available in the center of Albufeira, 10 to 12 Km from the Congress Center. Transport between the congress center and the hotel is estimated at  €10 (Uber: on way, per person) and €7-12 (Regular taxi: on way, per person).

Please note that the value of the accommodation will depend on their occupancy rate at the time of booking.

Price range between €93 - €110.  Reservations can be made by mailing to: book.alg@realhotelsgroup.com or via the website. 

Price range between €84 - €150. Apply the promocode EAZA22 and a 10% discount applies to the rates which are published on the website. Reservations can be made by mailing to: book@lunahoteis.com or via the website. Please note that the promo code can only be used when booking via the website. 

  • Airbnb options are also available in the area, Airbnb prices in the region will be in the same range as the recommended hotels. You can also consider hotel search platforms such as booking.com to find suitable accommodation in the area. 

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Dear EAZA Colleagues, Dear Friends,

If there are important lessons that these last two surreal years have reminded us of, is the importance of sound solidarity, modern science, factual communication, structured work, balanced socialization, and overall trust. And the common denominator is… “us”. Us, as a team and as a planet. Us, as a society and as a family.

And as a species that is constantly being challenged and creating challenges to so many others species, these current delicate times reinforce, on a daily basis, the need and urgency of being together and working together, of uniting towards values and towards goals, of protecting our common ground and common our future – all around.

In the meantime, for many years that “Together, We Protect” had been a very special moto for Zoomarine. It can also be for EAZA, for Europe, for Conservation. And that is why our teams, our families, in southern Portugal, are so eager and proud to invite you to attend EAZA’s 2022 Annual Conference, at the NAU Salgados Palace (Algarve).

Zoomarine’s team (an EAZA member since 1999) is not only eager to welcome you to Portugal, but to show you a good time, to help you reestablish some long-deserved normality, to embrace old and new friends, and, of course, to discover a little more of the Portuguese Culture, Environment and Landscapes.

As Zoomarine ends the celebration of its 30th anniversary, EAZA begins to celebrates its own 30th anniversary - and we could not be happier to know it will also happen in Portugal, at Zoomarine, again face-to-face with good colleagues and friends.

I sincerely hope to be able to welcome you all in Portugal, at Salgados and at Zoomarine – because your work is important and our continued cooperation is vital, because we need it, conservation needs it, Europe needs it…

In the meantime, please, continue to be safe, to protect yourself and those around you! Continue your amazing, urgent and inspiring work towards a safer, more biodiverse and balanced planet. Please, continue to embrace and protect your loved ones. And, of course, prepare yourself to have a memorable time in Portugal.

With open arms, we will wait for you all, next September.

Your Colleague, your Friend,

Pedro Lavia, Founder and President of the Board


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Registration for EAZA Annual Conference 2022 IS OPEN!

Early bird rate was available until 15 June 2022

Pricing schedule

Full conference, early rate  €600
Full conference, regular rate €720
Single day, early rate €200
Single day, regular rate €240
Gala dinner (1 October) - optional €95
Accompanying partner (social events only) €210

Please note that the registration rates above are excluding 6% VAT, gala dinner fee is excluding 23% VAT


Programme, Member support and exhibition: mirko.marseille@eaza.net
Registration support: eaza22registration@supremestage.com
Billing support: memorable.eaza@zoomarine.pt

Not an EAZA Member? A Non-EAZA Member participant will need an institutional support letter/reference letter (or e-mail) from a full EAZA Member. The letter should explain shortly why your conference attendance is required/appreciated.Please send this letter or e-mail to mirko.marseille@eaza.net Without a support letter your registration will not be validated.


Conference app

With the EAZA Annual Conference fast approaching, Zoomarine is making some extra efforts towards turning this meeting even more green and sustainable. As such, the EAZA Annual Conference 2022 already has a fully dedicated web app(lication), where all attendees will have FREE, EASY, FAST and DETAILED access to all the information one may need:

  • the conference programme (always on your smartphone, iPad, et cetera)
  • direct contacts of the members of the Organizing Committee
  • emergency contacts
  • list of all the attendees (and their contacts, if one so desires)
  • list of all the exhibitors (and their contacts)
  • interactive maps of all relevant locations
  • an online forum (for all those “house-keeping” messages…)

Make sure to register yourself and access the app. Please follow this link and enter the email address that you have used during registration: https://zoomarine.lineupr.com/eaza2022 

If you are unsuccessful in connecting with the app please send a message to memorable.eaza@zoomarine.pt

conference app



The day-to-day programme (August 2022) is now available, please click here for viewing

Please note that the programme is subject to change. New programme versions will be uploaded on this page. 


Gala dinner

Zoomarine will host a very memorable Gala Dinner at its recently refurbished events’ plaza: Acqua Restaurant!

The programme will be as follows:

  • 20:00 Welcome Cocktail
  • 20:30 Gala Dinner
  • 22:30 Live music and Dancing
  • 23:30 Open Bar
  • 00:30 Party

Transport to and from the venue will be available to all registered guests:

  • from the Salgados Palace hotel: 19:30, 19:45, 20:00, 20:15
  • to the Salgados Palace hotel: 22:30, 23:00, 23:30, 00:00, 00:30, 01:00

Guests will be served at the table and the menu will comprise distinct options, including fish and meat options, vegetarian and vegan options, Portuguese deserts and drinks (including water, sodas, beer wines and spirits). 

The gala dinner fee is €95, this is excluding 23% VAT


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Conference delegates and other EAZA Members are invited to display relevant posters at the EAZA Annual Conference 2022. Poster topics focus on one of the many different fields of expertise and activities that are linked, both directly and indirectly, with the zoo community. Commercial and promotional posters will not be considered. Submit your poster proposal or abstract (Including title/subject, author, affiliation, and a short summary (max. 100 words)) to mirko.marseille@eaza.net as soon as possible, poster space is limited. Per institution maximum three poster submissions can be accepted. 

Posters should be designed to A2- portrait (420mm wide by 594mm high) or A1 - portrait (594mm wide by 840mm high).

Don't forget to bring the poster(s) to the venue, or alternatively sent it with a delegate who is attending. The organizing secretariat offers a printing service as well as delivery to the conference venue (25€). if you wish to avoid carrying bulky poster tubes on the plane. A file as PDF of 300dpi or higher is then required.  

  Title Author Institution
1.  Small animals in big trouble: Sulawesi freshwater endemics Markéta Rejlková Ostrava Zoo, Czech Republic


How can we ensure that wildlife is only traded and used legally, sustainably and ethically?

Cécile Erny AFdPZ, France
3. How empowering the public outside zoos to appreciate and understand biodiversity in order to involve them in its preservation?  Cécile Erny AFdPZ, France 
4. Dutch conservation detection dogs sniffing out the gender of Pygmy hippopotami  Mariska Snelleman & Monique C.J. Paris Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals (IBREAM), the Netherlands 


Visual barriers reduce pacing in captive tigers

Rick Meulendijks, Michou Weimar, Jeroen Kappelhof & Filipe C. R. Cunha   Royal Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens, the Netherlands


Using multi-faceted science for sex-determination in the Pygmy Hippopotamus
(Choeropsis liberiensis)

Estefania Erazo-Mera, Paul Horwood, Nicholas Murray, Damien Paris & Monique Paris  Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals (IBREAM), the Netherlands  


Further behavioural parameters support reciprocity and milk theft as explanations for giraffe allonursing

Markéta Gloneková, Karolína Brandlová & Jan Pluháček  Jan Evangelista Purkyně University & Ústí nad Labem Zoo, Czech Republic 


 Shake it off: releasing anxiety in a cooperative carnivore species (Suricata suricatta)

Francesca Bandoli, Sara Soldati, Veronica Maglieri & Elisabetta Palagi

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia, Italy


The first Egyptian Vulture tracking in the Eskişehir region

Emrah Coban, Nurben Fatma Kopteki̇n & Mehmet Gğur Altuncu Eskişehir Zoo, Turkey


Calvin Klein perfumes and big cats: effect of olfactory stimuli on the behaviour of the Northern lynx (Lynx lynx lynx) at the Riga Zoo Anastasija Volkova, Alessandro Di Marzio, Rūta Rozenfelde & Rebeka Šķērstiņa Riga Zoo University of Latvia, Latvia 


Behaviour of the Mishmi takin (Budorcas taxicolor taxicolor) in EAZA Zoos Elza Anna Pole, Alessandro Di Marzio, Rūta Rozenfelde & Rebeka Šķērstiņa Riga Zoo University of Latvia, Latvia 


Can a one square meter of a zoos help the conservation of native wild habitats? Rebeka Šķērstiņa, Alessandro Di Marzio, Kintija Rudaka & Rasa Strūģe Riga Zoo, Latvia


The UIZA research working group: Supporting and facilitating research in Italian zoos and aquaria Francesca Bandoli, Giulia Agnolon & Gloria Svampa
Unione Italiana Zoo e Acquari - UIZA, Italy


The animal-visitor interaction protocol (AVIP) for the assessment of Lemur catta walk-in enclosure in zoos Ilaria Pollastri, Simona Normando, Daniela Florio, Linda Ferrante, Francesca Bandoli, Elisabetta Macchi, Alessia Muzzo & Barbara de Mori Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia, Italy


 All’s Well that Ends Swell! Utilising ZIMS to Track Reproductive Cycles in Primates Hannah Jenkins & Teague Stubbington Zoological Society of London, UK & Species360, USA


Diurnal and nocturnal behaviour of cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) and lions (Panthera leo) in zoos Isabel Seyrling, Paul W. Dierkes & Anna Lena Burger  Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany 


Behavioural and acoustic communication of captive pygmy hippo (Choeropsis liberiensis): a case of study


Rosaria Santoro, Elena Mercugliano, Alessandro Sofio, Sara Natalucci, Flavia Diotallevi, Giulia Buffi, Lorella Pagliarulo, Francesco Zinno, Yitzhak Yadid, Massimiliano Di Giovanni & Michele Capasso


Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom


Common name misuse potentially confounds the conservation of the critically endangered wild camel Camelus ferus Anna M. Jemmett, Jim J. Groombridge, John Hare, Adiya Yadamsuren, Pamela A. Burger & John G. Ewen  Wild Camel Protection Foundation (WCPF), United Kingdom 


Help for EEP coordinators Kristin Leus, Rebecca Biddle, Leah Williams & Elmar Fienieg Copenhagen Zoo, Twycross Zoo & Chester Zoo, United Kingdom 


Assisted reproduction of Malaysian giant turtle (Orlitia borneensis) in Gdansk Zoo Daria Zwierzchowska & Beata Kuźniar  Zoo Gdansk, Poland 


The Ape Heart Project: Updates and future work

 Rachel Jarvis, Sophie Moittié, Phillipa Dobbs, Melissa Grant, Matyas Liptovszky & Kerstin Baiker
University of Nottingham & Twycross Zoo, United Kingdom 


Conservation efforts for the recovery of the European polecat (Mustela putorius) in Catalonia (NW Iberian Peninsula)   Salvador S. (1), Palazón S. (1,2), Ruiz-Olmo J., Xarles J., Sánchez D., Mauri J., Hernández J., & Alonso JM. 

Zoo de Barcelona, Spain



Successful cases of One Plan Approach programmes for endangered reptiles and amphibians at Barcelona Zoo    Alonso JM., Sanmartín M., Hernández J., Cermeño P., Xarles J., & Mauri J.

Zoo de Barcelona, Spain



Efforts for the conservation of the last remaining North-western Mediterranean populations of fan mussel (Pinna nobilis Cermeño P., Alonso JM., Xarles J. & Prado P.  Zoo de Barcelona, Spain


Mind your Microbes – What fecal bacteria reveal about different animal species  Franziska Zölzer, Dr. Anna Lena Burger & Prof. Paul W. Dierkes 

Opel-Zoo Foundation & Goethe University, Germany


A new bamboo “house” for the Hapalemur griseus in Maromizaha forest, Madagascar Caterina Spiezio, Valeria Torti, Marco Gamba, Cesare Avesani Zaborra, Rose Marie Randrianarison, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Rabarison Harison & Cristina Giacoma Parco Natura Viva, Italy 


The summer school of the Erasmus+ project ‘International zoo conservation & management’


Caterina Spiezio, Stefano Vaglio, Margherita Savonitto, Pier Attilio Accorsi, Emilie Chevalier,
Lisa Gillespie, Elizabeth Fleetham, Endre Sós, Derek Grove, Egle Barone Visigalli, Federico Nogara, Cesare Avesani Zaborra & Christopher Young

Parco Natura Viva, Italy 




The exhibition and sponsorship brochure has been distributed to EAZA Corporate Members. If you are interested in exhibition at the EAZA Annual Conference 2022 please send an e-mail to dalila.frasson@eaza.net

AC22 brochure