A successful visit to the zoo is made possible by a huge amount of activity behind the scenes. Whether reducing waiting times for visitors at the gate, ensuring that bathrooms are clean and pleasant to use, or ensuring great catering around the site, EAZA’s Corporate Members have the capabilities to support zoos of all sizes, and help visitors concentrate on the animals and conservation messages a zoo wants them to hear.



We design, manufacture and market a range of professional products for childcare hospitality in public places. Safety, hygiene and comfort are the three guidelines of products design and selection of our suppliers to continuously improve the reception and the experience of families in amusement or wildlife parks, zoos, airports, museums and shopping centers. 

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Convious connects venues to visitors. Its easy-to-use eCommerce platform is designed to help you manage your venue's Marketing, Sales, and Service strategy all in one place with the help of Artificial Intelligence. With Convious’ Crowd Control tech, venues are able to optimize their customer experience and improve the spread, convenience, and safety of visitors. Through the use of AI and real-time data, Convious automates capacity planning and improves traffic flow at leisure venues, including zoos and aquariums.  

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As an early pioneer in the field of NFC (near-field communications) technology, GANTNER’s hardware and software innovations have been transforming the way companies interact with their customers and employees for the past 35 years.

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Immotion is a new kind of entertainment company with a pedigree in content creation and emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on looking at things differently. In bringing together award-winning directors, world-class CGI experts, state-of-the-art motion platform technology, and a proprietary Content Management System, we are able to deliver new level of immersive entertainment that drives valuable ancillary revenue for our partners worldwide.

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