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ZOOQUARIA 105: Summer 2019

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  • Channelling the future: Leadership in conservation was the focus of the Directors’ Days conference at Jersey Zoo
  • A plan for the lemur: How a five-year plan could improve the fate of ring-tailed lemurs
  • Taking the reins: Zooquaria talks to André Stadler, the newly appointed Chair
  • Out in the field: The perils and realities of collecting data in challenging conditions
  • Matters of life and death: The coordinator of the Indochinese sika deer EEP talks about the lessons he’s learned
  • Positive vetting: Examining the role of TAG veterinary advisors
  • A workshop for welfare: How an Animal Welfare Workshop helped its participants to share and improve their skills
  • Emergency rescue: How intensive planning could help to save the Owston’s civet
  • Food for thought: Reporting from the 2019 EAZA nutrition conference
  • An excellent education: Delegates from 34 countries gathered at Skansen Zoo to learn from and inspire each other
  • Diet secrets: Why good nutrition is vital for successful conservation
  • Welcome to Plan Bee: How a new exhibit at Riga Zoo is promoting the vital importance of bees to our ecosystems
  • While you were sleeping: Why sleep is an important part of any animal welfare strategy
  • New Council Members: Meet the newest additions to EAZA Council

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