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ZOOQUARIA 111: Spring 2021

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  • Global warming: How a global coalition is working to unite efforts across the world in the battle for biodiversity
  • Rewild Carbon: Introducing Durrell's ground-breaking carbon offsetting programme
  • Sustainable solutions: How Marineland converted to a sustainable seafood diet for the animals in its care
  • A bright future for caprines: A new strategy is underway for this overlooked species
  • A race against time: Tackling the extinction threat to freshwater teleosts
  • Primate priorities: A new long-term plan addresses the threat to three species of mangabey
  • Virus management for parrots: New protocols to reduce the spread of parrot viruses
  • New laws for new standards: A new Animal Health Law will transform the movement of animals within the EU
  • Operation Jaguar: How joining forces could help to crush the devastating illegal trade in jaguar parts
  • Together for the forests: How EAZA has joined the fight against deforestation 
  • Life Support: Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on callitrichid field projects – so how can EAZA Members help?
  • How to move an elephant: How protected contact crate-training made a jumbo-sized job a little easier
  • On the record: Why global zoological data is so vital to our conservation efforts

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