In order to maintain and increase the standards and practices of zoological institutions, EAZA has developed its own accreditation and inspection system.

Only institutions that meet EAZA’s high standards and obligations can join and maintain membership. The EAZA Accreditation Programme (EAP) offers a framework for assisting zoos and aquaria to achieve their aims, opportunity for independent review, and validation of their efforts and achievements. The aim of the accreditation programme is to be clear and transparent, ensuring confidence in EAZA and its members from the wider zoo and aquarium community, visitors and external agencies.

This accreditation resource centre has been developed to serve as a guide for any person or institution that is interested or involved in the EAZA accreditation procedure. Please click the links below for more information and instructions on applying for EAZA accreditation.

Procedure EAZA Accreditation Programme

The EAP (EAZA Accreditation Programme) procedure consists of three steps:

  1. The administrative procedure: The procedure for an initial application for membership or for accreditation, and what paperwork is involved.  
  2. The screening mission: The procedures for a screening mission, the building of a screening team, costs and obligations, and how a recommendation is made.
  3. The decision on membership: Who makes the final decision on membership, how that decision is made, and categories of membership.