Online Educational Resources

Online Educational Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on zoos and aquariums, with the majority of EAZA Members needing to close their doors to the public as part of the effort to reduce the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, our Members remain committed to their important mission to educate people about the natural world and the critical importance of conservation. Many of them are achieving this by providing online resources for people to use at home, whether that’s live-streams of animal feeding sessions, creative activities to inspire people, or more structured learning for parents to use while educating their children at home.

We want to acknowledge all this excellent work and make it easier for the public to find the full range of resources available, so we have created this page to list all the amazing resources available and actions that are taking place at this time.

This list is regularly being updated as new resources become available. If your institution is not yet on the list, please contact Laura Myers with details of the resource(s) you would like to include.




Copenhagen Zoo -  Range of teaching materials for all the school grades 
Education class recorded every weekday at 10am and 2pm live on Facebook then available on Youtube 
Randers Regnskov -  Facebook live classes for kids 


Diergaarde Blijdorp - Online classes (both adults and kids)
GaiaZoo - Exercises for kids 
Planckendael Zoo - Lesson packages, games, crafts, movies on the Zooschool page
Royal Burgers' Zoo - YouTube playlist with Ranger
Television series for kids
Safari Park Beekse Bergen - Safari School (on YouTube and assignments on the website)  
YouTube playlist with Ranger (Ranger Report)


Attica Zoological Park - Downloadable workshop resources to use at home
Auckland Zoo - Booklets, games, and activities for kids
Bratislava ZooA range of activities published weekly, focused on a different animal each week
Chester Zoo - Searchable database of learning resources for all ages 
Colchester Zoo - school and 'at home' activity packs
Dublin Zoo - Activity booklets about different zoo animals
Dudley Zoo - excellent crafts and activities for you to try
Galway Atlantaquaria - Explorers Program: lesson plans, planning guides and teacher resources based on bringing the ocean into classrooms for 5 -12 year olds 
Jersey Zoo - (access code: 4kud27e) Covers a range of topics and school subjects, and some active and creative ideas 
Paignton Zoo - 'wild at home' activities 
Shaldon Zoo - Virtual zoo tour with voiceover and quiz 
Sosto Zoo -  Educational activities around bears 
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - resources across Early Years and KS1, 2 and 3
 The US-based Association of Zoos and Aquariums also has a list of livestreams and activities offered by its members.






Parc Sainte-Croix Variety of animal lessons sorted by class level 
Zoo de MartiniqueEducational booklet for 3-6 year olds
Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse - complete the form to download educational resources




Warsaw Zoo -  Video stories about wildlife for kids and adults twice a week, daily virtual meetings with keepers on Facebook
Poznan Zoo - Videos from around the zoo – updating with audio remarks, sign language, and audio description, as well as content on Facebook 
Wroclaw Zoo - Education programmes with downloadable resources for a range of ages


Alpenzoo Innsbruck - Animal quizzes and worksheets
Basel ZooCraft and educational activities 
NaturZoo RheineWorking materials for all classes (scroll below Quiz and ralliesthat are materials useful when visiting the zoo) 
Zoo Heidelberg - Zooschool website with resources, educational videos from 'Your home zoo'
Zoo Schwerin - New videos posted daily plus activities and games
Zoo Zürich - range of creative and active animal-focused activities 

Many EAZA Members in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are among the zoos contributing to Zootier Lexicon, which provides information about a wide range of species. See here for recommendations on the best ways to use the site.

Other languages

Al Ain Zoo - Download “Zoo Adventure” game app for Android or Apple and enjoy fun challenging quests

Prague Zoo - A vlog by the zoo director and keepers, filmed behind the scenes, short clips added several times a day 

Korkeasaari Zoo - Resources on a range of topics for children learning from home

Attica Zoological Park - Downloadable activities based on zoo workshops, and Zoo Dose! on Instagram

Budapest Zoo - Each week a new set of activities is published on the Digital Zoo page, every week has a different theme such as primates, sustainability, and microscopic animals
Sosto Zoo -   Zoo TV episodes on their Youtube channel, activities also posted on the website, Facebook and Instagram pages 

Parco Natura Viva - Creative activities linked to the zoo’s animals and environmentally themed days
Parco Zoo Punta Verde - Special playlist on their Youtube channel about Italian local fauna

Bergen Aquarium - "Close to the Animals" video series posted on their website to experience "The Aquarium - Behind the Scenes"

Lisbon Zoo -  Live workshops online – check the agenda to see what’s planned. During the Easter holidays new activities are available at 11 a.m. (local time) on the website and blog

Moscow Zoo -  Virtual tour of the zoo

Bratislava Zoo - A range of activities published weekly, focused on a different animal each week. Available on Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as the website
Zoobotanico Jerez -  Word games about animals
Terra Natura Zoo Benidorm - Virtual visit of the zoo