Hosted by Zoo Ostrava, Czech Republic (4-7 June, 2024)

Zoo Ostrava welcomes you!

Dear colleagues,

It is a great honour and pleasure to invite you, representatives of the conservation zoo world from various corners of Europe to the EAZA Conservation Forum, hosted for the first time in Czech Republic, by Ostrava Zoological Garden and Botanical Park. As can be read from the name, it is a forum bringing together workers from zoos, aquariums, and other conservation institutions or non-profit organizations who, during this unique event, will put their heads together in an attempt to be inspired, improve their know-how, learn about new approaches, strategies, methods, and technologies... in short, to strive to take a few more steps forward together in the effort to preserve, restore and effectively protect endangered species and their environment. After all, this is the mission and goal of modern zoos, among which Zoo Ostrava proudly ranks.

I am therefore both professionally and personally very happy that the EAZA Conservation Forum is taking place right here in Ostrava. I believe that this several-day meeting will be full of discussions and mutual sharing of ideas, experience, and successes, but also failures – as that’s what these meetings are about and what moves us forward. I am very much looking forward to presenting to you how our zoo has changed over time and where it is headed, what our philosophy is, and what we are proud of. The Ostrava Zoo has become, without exaggeration, a hotspot of biodiversity. The city of Ostrava itself - the former “steel heart of the republic” - underwent a similar transformation as the zoo in Ostrava. And so, I firmly believe that during your visit to Ostrava, you will discover not only inspiring and innovative places such as the various industrial monuments as reminders of the past, but also a city full of greenery with natural corners and nearby protected areas as a promise of the future.

 We look forward to seeing you in Ostrava!

Jiří Novák

Director of the Zoo Ostrava 

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During the Conservation Forum 2024 the EAZA Conservation Committee strives to create a meaningful platform where the zoo and aquarium community as well as the field conservation community can discuss and exchange experiences in conservation and continue to build bridges between the two worlds. The programme will be based and formed with content coming from the zoo and aquarium community as well as the field conservation community – with a specific focus on how to best deliver conservation activities of high quality and positive impact, no matter the scale.


We can announce that Jon Taylor of Conservation Optimism will join us as keynote speaker and Julian Fennessy of Giraffe Conservation Foundation as invited speaker part of a session where we will explore “Narratives for Conservation”: We all are passionate about the conservation work we do. Communicating about this work and these messages effectively creates better partnerships, understanding that brings about change and creates a positive impact. But what does it take to do this well? What is your power, but also your weakness when it comes to how we engage with each of the different audiences we have, like funders, our conservation partners, the communities we work with, governments, and the general public?

Conference schedule

Tuesday 4 June EAZA Academy Course & Icebreaker at the Saola Restaurant in Ostrava Zoo (19:00-22:00)
Wednesday 5 June Forum Programme day 1 
Thursday 6 June Forum Programme day 2 (Zoo visit)
Friday 7 June

Forum Programme day 3 & Farewell dinner at Tripple Hall Karolina (20:00 - 0:00)

Saturday 8 June

Optional excursion to Kozmice Bird Meadows (Additional fee of €15)


Farewell dinner

Tripple Hall Karolina
Friday - 7 June (20:00 - 0:00)

Tripple Hall Karolina is a newly designed historical area offering original opportunities for hosting various events. It represents a unique combination of the Ostrava industrial heritage with an energetic and attractive modernity. The area consists of two reconstructed heritage-protected buildings, i.e. Roofed Square and the Central Power Station - Sports Hall. In the past, these buildings were used for industrial purposes as they produced electricity for the surrounding shafts, mines, and smelters. In June 2024, the Sports Hall will serve as a venue for the CF gala dinner.

Dress code
Optional, but casual is suggested: Flat shoes and some long sleeves or jacket for the evening.

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Conference venue

Established in 1903, the Imperial Hotel is the oldest hotel in Ostrava. Despite that, it offers a modern vibe and refined services. Due to its position right in the city centre, it definitely is a great starting point for city tours and visits to countless cafés and pubs nearby. The hotel will offer representative, spacious, and comfortable halls for Forum delegates and meetings as well as great accommodation and catering.

Conference venueImperial Hotel Ostrava

Tyršova 1250
702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz
Czech Republic

Imperial 1000


Pricing schedule

Full conference, early rate  420
Full conference, regular rate €505
Single day, early rate 145
Single day, regular rate €175

Early bird rate was available until 9 April 2024, student discount fees are not available

The EAZA Conservation Forum 2024 will use the Whova Conference app for delegate and event communications, more information will follow later

Optional costs:

  • Post-conference excursion (Kozmice Bird Meadows): €15

For questions about conference logistics and registration, please contact mirko.marseille@eaza.net
For questions relating to the programme, please contact merel.zimmermann@eaza.net

Please take notice of the following EAZA Events cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel more than four weeks before the event starts you will be reimbursed the full registration fee minus €50,- handling charges.
  • If you cancel less than four weeks before the event starts you will be charged 25% of the fees.
  • If you cancel less than two weeks before the event starts you will be charged 50% of the fees. 

Cancellations one week prior to the event will not be refunded

It is your responsibility to ensure that your cancellation for the Academy course/EAZA Conservation Forum is confirmed by the EAZA Academy or the EAZA Office respectively.

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The venue for the EAZA Conservation Forum 2024 is Imperial Hotel Ostrava. The hotel is located in the heart of the city’s business district. The city centre, with its historic, cultural sites and institutions, is accessible on foot or by tram. 

Room prices Imperial Hotel (including discount)

Single bedroom (with breakfast) €105
Double bedroom with breakfast) €130

Plus additional tax €1,10 per day

If you want to make a reservation, fill in this form and send the document to: reservations.iho@cpihotels.com. Please note that the discounted rates are available until 30 April 2024. It's likely the rooms will sell out quickly due to limited capacity. 

Other hotels in close vicinity of the conference venue:

Hotel Single room Double room Venue distance (public transport) Venue distance (by foot) Contact & reservation
Hotel Maria €53 €65  1.3 km/13 min  821 m/13 min  objednavky@hotel-maria.cz 
Hotel Mercure 98 €113  821 m/9 min  825 m/13 min  H7051-RE@accor.com (Gabriela Demková)
Harmony Club €77 €110  2.6 km/14 min  2.4 km/37 min  radka.kudrnova@harmonyostrava.cz 
Hotel Best €59 €74  3 km/19 min  2.1 km/ 33 min  info@hotelbest.cz 

You can contact the hotels by e-mail using the promo code 'EAZA FORUM' to get the discounted pricing as indicated in the table. Discounted fares are available only until the deadline date. The prices in the above table include breakfast. 



How to get to Ostrava (Please note that for this event the Whova Conference app will be used; using the app delegates can connect with each other for possible 'ride-sharing' and for exploring other travel connections). 

By air

Ostrava Airport: Leoš Janáček Ostrava International Airport (formerly Ostrava Airport Mošnov) is located 25 km away from the city centre. All connections are linked to the flight departures and arrivals. The bus stop and train station are located directly in front of the airport hall. Following public transport can be used to get from Ostrava Airport to the Ostrava city centre:

1)   Bus lines No. 333 and 670 (duration approx. 0:45 hours) to Ostrava Central Bus Station (Ostrava ÚAN). Tickets can be bought on the bus.

2)   Train Line S4 (direction Bohumín, duration 0:30 hours, approx. €2 single fare) to Ostrava Main Train Station (Ostrava – hlavní nádraží). Train tickets can be bought on the train.

By train

Ostrava has 5 railway stations. The most important stations are Ostrava – hlavní nádraží (main train station) and Ostrava – Svinov (they are located next to each other). From these stations, you can further connect to the conference venue by public transport or taxi. 

In case you go from an airport:

1)     Prague Airport: take the AE Line bus to the Prague Main Train Station (Praha – hlavní nádraží), and then take a train to Ostrava (duration 3:30 hours, €12-20 single fare). You can search for connections here.

2)     Wien Airport (Austria): take a train from the Vienna Airport (via Vienna Main Train Station) to Ostrava (duration 3:30 hours, €20-26 single fare). More information here.

By bus

In case you want to go from:

1)     Prague Airport, a FixBus bus leaves the airport at 8:50 am (duration of 7 hours, approx. €25 single fare) and 9:45 pm (duration of 5:30 hours, approx. €19 single fare). You will arrive at the Ostrava Central Bus Station (here).  

2)     Prague Main Train Stationa FixBus bus leaves the station at 3:20 am (duration of 4:50 hours, approx. €28 single fare). Bus transport from Prague Airport to the main train station: more information here and here. You will arrive at the Ostrava Central Bus Station (here).  

3)     Prague Central Bus Station Florenc, click here for Flixbus options (duration of 5 hours, approx. €19-28 single fare). You will arrive at the Ostrava Central Bus Station (here).  

4)     Katowice Airport (Poland): here is a daily FlixBus bus line leaving at 12:25 pm from the airport to the Ostrava Bus Station (more connections from the Katowice Central bus station (Katowice Sądowa) are available, check out the website). A bus trip from Katowice Sądowa to Ostrava takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes (approx. €15 single fare). You can also rent a car or take a taxi. More info here

5)     Krakow Airport (Poland): take a FlixBus either from Krakow Airport or from the Krakow Central Station (more connections from the Krakow Central Bus Station (Krakow MDA) are available, check out the website). A bus trip from Krakow MDA to Ostrava takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes (approx. €17 single fare). 

By car

Ostrava is an important transport hub and a major intersection of Moravian-Silesian region, connected to the thick and high-quality network of 1st class roads. The D1 motorway is the backbone, linking Ostrava with major cities such as Olomouc, Brno and a connected border crossing Veřňovice-Gorzyczki on the Polish motorway A1 directed through Katowice to Gdansk.

ostrava airport FlixBus Neoplan ostrava train

Zoo Ostrava

From 4– 7 June 2024, the EAZA Conservation Forum will be hosted by Zoo Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

Zoo Ostrava was founded in 1951 as a leisure park for miners. It is located in a unique locality of the Great Ostrava Forest on an area of ​​almost 100 hectares which makes it the second-largest zoo in the Czech Republic. The vast area as well as the array of various biotopes offered by the forest, meadows, and wetlands enable the zoo to provide animals with large and enriched enclosures. Almost 7,000 animals in more than 450 species and tens of thousands of plants can be found in Ostrava Zoological Garden and Botanical Park, many of them being highly endangered.

Temple of Gibbons Ostrava Zoo

Since its beginnings, the zoo has gradually become an important centre of rest and education for all and especially a place where efforts are made to save animal species that face a high degree of threat in their natural habitats or have already disappeared from the wild. Ostrava Zoo is breeding an ever-increasing number of endangered species, many of which are included in the EAZA Ex-situ Programmes. Since 1995, the zoo has provided more than 600 animals of 11 species for release into the wild. Within the “3 CZK for Wildlife” program, over twenty in situ projects around the world have been supported financially in the past 7 years. The zoo also invests in conservation by employing field workers or providing projects with the necessary equipment, etc. The zoo puts emphasis also on protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of local fauna and flora directly in its own area. It is the protection of animals in their natural environment that is one of the main goals of modern zoos, which the Ostrava Zoo undoubtedly fulfils.


Post-conference excursion

Post-conference trip - Kozmice Bird Meadows
Saturday - 8 June

Kozmice Bird Meadows is a unique (not only) bird locality and a practical example of successful nature conservation conducted by a private company. In this case, it is the food company called SEMIX. This restored wetland locality has been managed not only by dredging ponds or loosening the previously artificially straightened stream but also by grazing and trampling by a herd of semi-wild Exmoor horses. This way, the locality has become a true natural gem bursting with rare biodiversity.

The Kozmice Bird Meadows conservation project has been supported by Ostrava Zoo for several years and the local observation tower has been named the “Observation Tower of Petr Čolas”, in honour of the deceased Ostrava Zoo director and long-life conservationist. Birdwatching will, of course, be a "must-do" activity during this trip. 

This post-conference excursion, 10:00 until 14:30 (Including lunch),  is offered to CF24 delegates for €15 and can be booked using the registration form. 

Kozmice Bird Meadows photo by H. Dehner Kozmice Bird Meadows Observation Tower