Education is a key part of the zoological garden in the 21st century, and key to establishing the context of a species is the themed presentation of the enclosure.  From the recreation of a Himalayan building to showcase snow leopards to the theming of whole areas of the zoo into recognizable biomes, our Corporate Members in park theming have the skills and tools to place visitors into a believable facsimile of wild habitats – increasing visitor connections with the animals and helping visitors understand the pressures and joys of each habitat.



North America's leading provider of animatronic dinosaurs for zoos, museums and theme parks, producing life-size, like-like animatronic dinosaurs. Our dinosaurs are especially popular with zoos for display in natural, outdoor environments. 

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Dinosauriosmexico produces spectacular animatronic dinosaur exhibitions for museums, science centres and zoos. We currently circulate two exhibitions in Europe: the Standard Dinosaur Exhibition (700 m², 15 robotic specimens) and the Large Dinosaur Exhibition (1,000 m², 20 robotic specimens). Our robots have been produced applying leading paleontological knowledge from reputable research institutions: They are all life size, avoiding the problem of different scale specimens in the same exhibition. This makes our product superbly suitable for educational purposes. The Tyrannosaurus rex is 4 m tall and 9 m long! Our state-of-the-art technology ensures ongoing operation with minimum maintenance. The materials used for the dinosaur skin is easy to mend by any skilled technician and helps ensure that the robots are in operation all the time.

In addition to animatronic models, our exhibitions include fossil casts and paleontological models. Together, they build up an intriguing story about the life and death of these magnificent creatures that once roamed our planet. The exhibitions bring evolution to life for children and adults alike.

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