Education is a key part of the zoological garden in the 21st century, and key to establishing the context of a species is the themed presentation of the enclosure.  From the recreation of a Himalayan building to showcase snow leopards to the theming of whole areas of the zoo into recognizable biomes, our Corporate Members in park theming have the skills and tools to place visitors into a believable facsimile of wild habitats – increasing visitor connections with the animals and helping visitors understand the pressures and joys of each habitat.


North America's leading provider of animatronic dinosaurs for zoos, museums and theme parks, producing life-size, like-like animatronic dinosaurs. Our dinosaurs are especially popular with zoos for display in natural, outdoor environments. 

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Longfish Leisure BV offers timeless adventures for kids and adults. Using amazing replica scale electric cars and boats, their mini-safaris and miniports create an irresistible attraction for kids aged 3 to 10 whilst their latest product, luxury rental boats, are a perfect way for adults and families to relax.

All Longfish Leisure products are built to withstand tough rental environments and can be used as a stand-alone attraction or as a unique way to see the animals providing an unforgettable educational experience. Longfish Leisure has clients in over 20 countries, including several EAZA members, all of whom will confirm the strong revenues that can be generated with these rental. 

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Nautilus Creative Services turn great ideas into amazing spectacles for the Aquarium, Zoo and Leisure industry. Our blend of experience, expertise and flair means everything we design, create and construct is as striking and engaging for the visitor as it is safe and sympathetic for creatures, whether in or out of the water. Whatever you’re planning – 2D or 3D, small-scale or complete attraction – we offer integrated and seamless services: design, project management, construction, technical services, glazing, theming and planting.

Nineteen years in business have seen us grow into a company with proven ability to create world-class exhibits and attractions on any continent. But growth and global reach have not come at the expense of the personal, friendly relationships we’ve always enjoyed with clients, staff and freelancers alike: relationships which mean that working with and for us is as rewarding as it’s always been.

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