20-24 September, 2021

The EAZA 2021 Annual Conference will be held online. The EAZA Executive Office will be working to programme an online conference that goes beyond the 2020 format, and which includes plenaries, Committee meetings, TAG meetings and training – while perhaps not as busy a schedule as a face-to-face conference, we are confident that the event will provide the opportunities we all need to share knowledge, meet friends and colleagues in a variety of settings and push the business of the EAZA community forward so that we are in good shape for next year and beyond. There will be a small charge for attending the conference, which will help the organisers to staff the meetings and design and build social events that will allow us a measure of networking opportunity. 

The conference programme can be downloaded here. Information about registration and admission fees will follow soon!

EAZA Online Annual Conference 2021




Conference delegates and other EAZA Members are invited to display posters at the upcoming online EAZA Annual Conference 2021.

Accepted posters will be on (digital) display during conference week. Delegates can view and download posters and are offered the opportunity to directly engage with the author for questions. Authors must commit to be available for questions during conference via e-mail, text or video chat. A list of accepted posters will be included in the programme booklet in due course.

Posters must be submitted as a PDF, the filename should include the name of the corresponding author and poster title. 

Please submit your poster (proposal) to Mirko Marseille as soon as possible. You can submit an abstract for the proposed submission or a drafted copy of the actual poster.

See an overview of accepted posters in the table below:

No Poster title Author(s) Affiliation
1 Species360 Conservation Science Alliance - Transforming global species data to conservation action  Johanna Staerk & Dalia. A. Conde  Species360
2 Hand rearing Golden lion tamarins at Auckland Zoo Amy Robbins  Auckland Zoo