20-24 September, 2021

The EAZA Online Annual Conference 2021 took place online from Monday 20 September to Friday 24, and included a full programme of plenaries, thematic sessions and working meetings.  The main conference started on Tuesday 21 September with the opening plenary. Plenary sessions can be found on the EAZA YouTube channel. 

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EAZA Online Annual Conference 2021


Opening plenary (21 September 2021)

Conservation campaign plenary (21 September 2021)


More plenary recordings can be found on the EAZA Youtube channel 



Conference delegates and other EAZA Members are invited to display posters at the upcoming online EAZA Annual Conference 2021. THE CALL FOR POSTERS HAS CLOSED

Accepted posters will be on (digital) display during conference week. Delegates can view and download posters and are offered the opportunity to directly engage with the author for questions. Authors must commit to be available for questions during conference via e-mail, text or video chat. A list of accepted posters will be included in the programme booklet in due course.

Posters must be submitted as a PDF, the filename should include the name of the corresponding author and poster title. 

Please submit your poster (proposal) to Mirko Marseille as soon as possible. You can submit an abstract for the proposed submission or a drafted copy of the actual poster.

See an overview of accepted posters in the table below:

No Poster title Author(s) Affiliation
1 Species360 Conservation Science Alliance - Transforming global species data to conservation action  Johanna Staerk & Dalia. A. Conde  Species360
2 Hand rearing Golden lion tamarins at Auckland Zoo Amy Robbins  Auckland Zoo 
Enrichment for White-handed gibbons, Visual stimuli effect activity in lesser apes Nicolas Brüning & Achim Johann NaturZoo Rheine
4 Sharks and rays in the lens of the European Zoos and Aquariums  Rikke Øgelund Nielsen  University of Southern Denmark
5 Project HEAT Human-Elephant Alert Technology  Lewis Rowden, Alasdair Davies and Fiona Sach Zoological Society of London (ZSL) 
6 What we do to prevent visitors from feeding zoo animals  Yana Rivkina & Maria Kozaikova  Kaliningrad zoo
7  Riding a Virtual Tiger: Hold on Tight! Radana Dungelova & Jan Horesovsky Zoo Brno
8 Sex-differences in longevity and reproductive senescence for the five big cat species in zoos  Morgane Tidière, Johanna Staerk, Dalia A. Conde, Fernando Colchero, Kim S. Simonsen & Craig Packer  Species360
9 Impact of a transition to a fruit-free diet on the wellbeing of five species of Cebidae and Cercopithecidae  Flore Viallard, Alexandre Petry, Sébastien Lefebvre & Benoît Quintard  Zoo Mulhouse
10 Bridging the gap between in-situ and ex-situ animal professionals Ellen Wieczorek Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre 
11 Extending Conservation Engagement Through Collaboration Between the Arts and Science  Ellen Wiezorek & Sarah Pye  Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre  

Saving Wildcats

David Barclay, Estelle Morgan, Sandra Rainey, Rachel Williams  The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) 
13 Assessing vitamin D status in zoo-housed great apes Rachel Jarvis, Sophie Moittié, Kerstin Baiker & Matyas Liptovszky  University of Nottingham
14 Access to a Tree Top a Solution to Improve Lemur’s Housing and Welfare  B van der Zyppe, A. Petry, & B. Quintard Zoo Mulhouse
15 Grey seals at Riga zoo: Conservation and education 

Alessandro Di Marzio, Rebeka Skerstina & Mara Kalnina 

Riga Zoo 
16 Feeding experiments with wolves in Jarvzoo 

Di Bernardi Cecilia, Lina Jelk, Camilla Wikenros, Paolo Ciucci, Luigi Boitani, Håkan Sand & Mikael Åkesson

17 Fecal microbiota characterization of Seychelles giant tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea) living in both wild and controlled environment 

Camillo Sandri, Federico Correa, Caterina Spiezio, Paolo Trevisi, Diana Luise, Monica Modesto, Selby Remy, Marie-May Muzungaile, Alice Checcucci, Cesare Avesani Zaborra and Paola Mattarelli

Parco Natura Viva 
18 ZIMS Test Result Upload Feature Rachel Thompson Species360 


The following EAZA Corporate Members have made the EAZA Online Annual Conference 2021 possible:

 St Laurent Species360 ZooProfis