EAZA Ex Situ Programme

Seychelles giant millipede

(Sechelleptus seychellarum)

 Zak Showell
Institution:  Shaldon Wildlife Trust

EAZA Member Area


Shaldon Zoo

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List EN


Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance
The ex situ population is a potential future source to build up populations in case there is the need for a rapid response to restore the population given that the in situ population has a very restricted range. This role will require the participation of more institutions.
Indirect Conservation icon  Conservation education
The species contribute to raise awareness and tell the story of Sechelleptus seychellarum and which threats and conservation challenges is facing in Seychelles.
Non Conservation icon  Exhibit
Despite not being an easy species to exhibit, its size is remarkable and can be fascinating for the visitors. However, note that this species does not like to be handled.

Programme numbers

In December 2023, the Seychelles giant millipede EEP had 306 animals in institutions.*

*this include group counts

Programme highlights

  • The 2021 Annual TAG Report has been published with on page 5 an overview of the activities of the Terrestrial Invertebrate TAG. 
  • The Terrestrial TAG has a very active closed Facebook group which is aimed at staff working with invertebrate species and in which news and updates are shared. 
  • Zooquaria issue 106 (autumn 2019, pages 14 and 15) features an article about the Terrestrial Invertebrate TAG RCP held in Chester. Zooquaria issue 98 (autumn 2017) is fully dedicated to invertebrate conservation.

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