EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Aye Aye

(Daubentonia madagascariensis)

 Rachel Cowen
Institution:  Jersey Zoo

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IUCN Red List status

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Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance
The main role for the aye aye is to function as an insurance population.

 Ex situ research/training (in and outside range) 
There is currently only a small amount of breeding potential in institutions in Madagascar due to the limited number of animals held and ongoing husbandry challenges. With the help of the population and expertise existing in EAZA, husbandry and veterinary care can be further improved and shared to support the population held in Madagascar and to benefit any future confiscated animals.

 Conservation education (in range)
Working together with NGOs in Madagascar has potential to educate local communities on myths around the aye-aye and support its protection. 
Non Conservation icon  Taxonomic uniqueness
Aya aye and prosimians are taxonomically unique and have the potential to educate visitors about the taxonomic and ecological diversity of prosimians and primates. Aye aye can also be used to highlight the unique appearance and species-specific behaviour. 

Programme numbers

In December 2021, the Aye - aye EEP had 23 animals in 7 institutions.

Programme highlights

  • Jersey Zoo has a fact sheet available about aye – aye on their website.
  • EAZA published the Annual TAG Report 2021 with on page 31 the activities of the Prosimian TAG.