Online (28-02 October, 2020)

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak being classed as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, and in line with guidance from them and other sources, EAZA has made the difficult decision to move the upcoming EAZA Annual Conference 2020 to online platforms. A full programme of plenary webinars and themed zoological sessions will be published shortly.  


Dear colleagues and friends

Firstly, I hope all of you, your family and friends are healthy. We all have to face a challenging time during these days. COVID19 makes our all daily life and business very special.

As the host of EAZA Annual Conference 2020, we decided together with the EAZA Council to cancel the event for this year. This decision was reasoned by our responsibility for all our health and safety and to the fact that we all have to deal with many other unexpected effects out of this pandemic.

We, the City of Leipzig and the staff of Zoo Leipzig, are looking forward to seeing you once again. I hope that we all meet again next year in Helsinki.

It was a pleasure to organise this event so far. Great thanks to all responsible parts who put in already a lot of work. Again, please stay healthy and I wish all of you much power for the upcoming months.

Warm regards,

Prof Dr Jörg Junhold
Director Zoo Leipzig and President Association of Zoological Gardens

We are looking forward to see you next time around!


Registration and programme (ONLINE)

The EAZA 2020 Online Annual Conference will take place between Monday 28 September and Friday 2 October.  A full programme will be published shortly.  Please note that while there will be no charge for registrations, some sessions, including Committee meetings and some webinars will be closed or by registration only.  Full details will be made available at the same time as the publication of the programme.



EAZA is investigating the possibility of holding an online poster presentation during the online Conference. Details of how to register to take part as an exhibitor will be circulated shortly.