Online (28 September - 02 October, 2020) #EAZA2020

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Recordings plenary sessions

Here you will find the recordings of the open plenaries of the past EAZA Online Annual Conference 2020. More videos and recordings can be found on the EAZA YouTube Channel.

Opening plenary (29-09-2020)

Conservation plenary: Saving European species and biodiversity together (29-09-2020)

Animal welfare plenary (30-09-2020)

Conservation education plenary: Engage or go extinct: Educators at the heart of collaborative conservation (01-10-2020)

Closing plenary & Lifetime Achievement Awards (02-10-2020)




You can download or view each poster by clicking on the hyperlinks in the column to your right. Recordings of the EAZA poster session will be published relatively soon. 

  Title Author Institution Poster
The Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation
Lorraine Scotson & Bill Robichaud Saola Foundation Click here


Demonstrating short-term knowledge transfer in participants of the marine mammals educational presentation at the Attica Zoological Park

Daphne Kyriakides & Georgina Spyres Attica Zoological park Click here
3. Group moves of Great Apes Lorraine Miller Twycross Zoo Click here
4. Reproductive patterns in the genus panthera: Does keeping big cats under human care influence litter size? Johanna Staerka, Fernando Colcheroc, Morgane Tidière, Dalia A. Conde, Kim Skalborg Simonsen & Craig Packer Species360 Click here


The influence of nutrition on the behavior and blood glucose level of orangutans Pongo sp in Gdańsk Zoo

Wojciech Kopczyk, Małgorzata Grabowicz & Izabela Patrycja Krause Toruń Zoobotanical Garden Click here


Establishment of baseline levels for California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) welfare

Winans, M., Cole, K., Flint, M., & George, K.A. The Ohio State University, Center for Human-Animal Interactions Research and Education Click here


The future of rare bactrian deer in EAZA

Jan Mengr, Jan Pluháček, Aneta Břízová & Francisco Ceacero The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Click here


Sex-specific actuarial and reproductive senescence in zoo-housed tiger

Morgane Tidière, Peter Müller, Alexander Sliwa, Aurélie Siberchicot & Guillaume Douay  Species360 Click here


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