Online (28 September - 02 October, 2020) #EAZA2020

Following the cancellation of the Leipzig conference, the EAZA Annual Conference will proceed online, with a modified format.  This draft programme provides outlines of the sessions; please note that not all the talks are confirmed, and there may be some minor changes to the schedule.  There will be no charge for attending the online conference, which will take place on the Zoom platform, however, if you would like to attend a session, you need to register. 

To register for a session, please click on the links marked “Registration” under the session title in the programme booklet. Several of the sessions are for Members only – clicking on the registration links will take you to the EAZA Member Area website, where Members can register. All other registrations are open to all, although registrants will only be admitted when including their name, institution, and country; these details will be checked thoroughly prior to the meeting. If you do not receive confirmation of your registration for a session, please contact info@eaza.net.

There may be some small changes to the programme: we will circulate a final programme once we are confident that there will be no further changes. Please use #EAZA2020 when communicating about EAZA Annual Conference Online on social media.  

Click here to download the full programme. If you only want to download the conference schedule click here

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Call for posters

EAZA Members are invited to hold an online poster presentation at the EAZA Annual Conference 2020 Online. 

Posters must be designed to A4- portrait (210mm wide by 297mm high) and should be supplied in PDF format. Please also include in your submission the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. The presentation length is set at 7 minutes. Presenters can choose to present live or by video. Poster presentations will be allotted to EAZA Stream 4 and information about the poster schedule will follow in due course. The poster session will be open to everyone. 

If you're interested in holding a poster presentation, please submit your poster and presentation to mirko.marseille@eaza.net before 21 September



The EAZA Annual Conference 2020 Online has been made possible by the generous support of the following EAZA Corporate Members: 

Aqua-Sander, Brogaarden, Carl Stahl, Granovit Zoofeed, Kiezebrink International and Zoological Adviser

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granovit 775x400 KiezebrinkB 775x400 ZooadvisorB 775x400

EAZA Annual Conference 2020 Online is supported by the European Union LIFE NGO funding programme. The European Union is not responsible for the views displayed in publications and/or in conjunction with the activities for which the grant is used