Hosted by Attica Zoological Park (18-22 September 2018), Athens, Greece


On behalf of the Attica Zoological Park team, you are welcomed to Athens and the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, the venue for the EAZA Annual Conference 2018.

The Attica Zoological Park is the only zoo in Greece - privately owned, it opened to the public in 2000, initially as a bird park. Today, it covers 20 hectares and has become a fully fledged zoo, with more than 290 species. Only 30 minutes from the city centre, it is considered to be amongst the top attractions of the city, serving all purposes of a modern zoo. Future plans include the opening of a museum on the evolution of species, as well as a large aquarium of international standards, creating for the first time a unique thematic destination for the country, and the Balkans.



Registration for Athens 2018 is now open! Make sure to book your accommodation fast: September is high season in Athens! Many hotels are already fully booked. Please visit the Conference website at: https://eaza2018.com 

The final programme can be downloaded here. Please note that the programme is subject to (minor) changes. 

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Lake Kerkini pre-conference tour


Escape to one of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece, a unique Wetland of International Importance, now established as a National Park. Lake Kerkini, located in Northern Greece, belongs to the NATURA 2000 network and is internationally protected according to the Ramsar Convention. The Lake and its surroundings are ideal for outdoor activities, relax and a close encounter with its important ecosystem.

The lake is one of the best places in Europe for natural bird watching, hosting about 300 bird species, 50 of which included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and with 10 species nesting in mixed colonies in the riparian forests with important populations for Greece and Europe. Among them a rich stable population of the endangered Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus), and the migratory Great white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) that nests in the area. The lacustrine area and its surroundings are characterized by high biodiversity and host more than 2000 species between insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Among the latter the water buffalos (Bubalus bubalis) are here represented by the most numerous population in the Greek territory.

During our tour, we will enjoy the landscape’s natural beauty while hiking, biking or trail running along the lakesides and experience an up close interaction with the water buffalos. We will meet the local fishermen, learn about their unique relationship with the pelicans and be part of their daily routine with the birds. In our boat trip on the lake’s calm waters we will admire its rare flora and bird fauna.

The most adventurous travelers will have the opportunity to explore the area while riding a horse. The escape is completed with exquisite meals of local dishes, such as buffalo meat and trout and visits to the nearby villages, as well as a relaxing and soothing natural hot baths in a Byzantine hammam.

Throughout the four day trip, we will be hosted in local traditional and friendly guest houses and our scientist guides will be offering their knowledge making your experience unique and unforgettable. Among the activities, we will learn about the history of the lake, the influence of human intervention on the ecosystem and its role on the local society.

There are still a few spots left for the extraordinary tour! Please click here for more information about travel, registration, accommodation and pricing. 

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One of the world's oldest cities

Athens, a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis, is the center of the economic, financial, industrial, political and cultural life in Greece. Located at the crossroads of three continents, the capital of Greece, with an overall population of close to 5 million people, has often been the melting pot of many cultures. Characterized by a hospitality culture and people that are welcoming, every visitor is sure to receive a warm welcome. Being one of the most historically significant cities in Europe, Athens has much to offer to those who are interested in exploring some of the roots of our world’s civilization. Today’s capital integrates the ancient and medieval history into the contemporary era. Monuments can be found all around the city center, side by side with contemporary constructions. Athens is an ideal congress destination, combining state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent congress facilities and easy access from all over the world, with world-class cultural attractions, modern amenities and diverse entertainment.

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The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (M.A.I.C.C.) is one of the finest and most technologically advanced conference venues in Europe. Situated in the city centre, yet surrounded by its own extensive landscaped gardens, Megaron offers a stunning environment, exceptional aesthetics, cutting edge technology and unrivalled client service. It has hosted some of the most important congresses in Greece, and was conceived and built with great respect for the environment and green urban planning. Whilst the original building faces straight onto one of Athens’ major avenues, the centre has been incorporated into the park right next to it, with such skill, that it in no way infringes on it.


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More information about posters and submission can be found here

Posters should be designed to A2- portrait (420mm wide by 594mm high) or A1 - portrait (594mm wide by 840mm high).

Poster submissions are no longer considered! 

No Poster title Author(s) Organisation
1 A bracelet to save the lemurs Delphine Roullet Helpsimus, France
2 Habituation of Ranomafana Bamboo lemurs on Helpsimus conservation area: preliminary results after 8 months D. Roullet, A. Bour, R. M. Andrianirina, R. Razakarijaona, J. Hegedus, J.B. Rolland, F. Fanomezanjanahary, J.d.D. Rakotonirina & A. Randrianarijaona Helpsimus, France
3 Evidence of Multiple-Antibiotic-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis Isolated from Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) Ming-an Tsai Tsung-Hsien Li National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Taiwan

Behavioural effects of environmental enrichment on captive beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas)

Ming-An Tsai, Kiang Jin Hong Claudia, Tay Yuke Ling & Tsung-Hsien Li

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Taiwan

Promoting happiness: Behavioural welfare assessment in captive red pandas (Ailurus fulgens)

Yvette Karels Utrecht University, The Netherlands
6 The challenges, status and opportunities of Animal Welfare research in Zoos and Aquaria S. Binding, H. Farmer, L. Krusin & K. Cronin Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust/Paignton Zoo, United Kingdom
7 Young scientists discovering food web: an IBSE (Inquiry Based Science Education) activity at Zoo delle Maitine (Benevento, Italy) Daniele Rizzelli, Lorella Pina Pagliarulo, Newton Fusco, Federica Serluca & Mauro Altieri  Zoo delle Maitine, Italy
8 Behavioral observations in a lions pair before and after the insertion of environmental enrichment for the first time in their life Daniele Rizzelli Lorella Pina Pagliarulo Zoo delle Maitine, Italy
9 Helicobacter infection in cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus): from chronic lymphocotic gastritis to reflux esophagitis with intestinal metaplasia Giacomo Rossi, Raffaello Gambi, Sara Berardi, Andrea Piccinini, Matteo Cerquatella & Gian Enrico Magi Parco Zoo Falconara, Italy
10 Ethical Framework for Displaying Animals with Respect and Dignity Claire Ford Taronga Conservation Society Australia
11 Greater bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus) veterinary survey Jane Hopper Delphine Roullet Aspinall Foundation, United Kingdom
12 Promoting the image of the Bearcat, Arctictis Binturong Agathe Debruille, Pauline Kayser & Melissa Perrigon ABConservation, France
13 The Bearcat Study Program on Palawan Island Agathe Debruille, Pauline Kayser & Melissa Perrigon ABConservation, France
14 Hand-rearing of an infant spider monkey (Ateles hybridus) and his early introduction into a social group Taide Perez, Francisco Esteban & María Teresa Abelló Parc Zoològic de Barcelona, Spain
15 LIFE Tritó Montseny project (2017-2020): a global conservation effort for the montseny brook newt (Calothriton arnoldi Josep M. Alonso, Manel Aresté, M. Josep Notó & Daniel Guinart Parc Zoològic de Barcelona, Spain
16 Ten years of the research and conservation program at Barcelona Zoo  Josep M. Alonso & Rafael Cebrián Parc Zoològic de Barcelona, Spain
17 Back to Nature – breaking barriers between city dwellers and wildlife Marta Zając-Ossowska ZOO Wroclaw, Poland
18 One year of listening to Sunda slow lorises:  first recording, then breeding?  Irena Schneiderová Pavel Brandl Prague Zoological Garden, Czech Republic
19 Expanding Insights Into Animal Care and Welfare Doug Verduzco Species360, USA 
20 Challenging pair formation in Clouded leopards (Neofelis nebulosa) T. Souvignet, M. Baconnais, C. François-Brazier & B. Quintard Zoo Mulhouse, France
21 European single-sex red panda groups: an inventory survey Da Silva L., Baconnais M. & Quintard B. Zoo Mulhouse, France
22 Stereotypic behaviours in single-sex group of red pandas (Ailurus fulgens): causes and solutions  Da Silva L. & Baconnais M. Zoo Mulhouse, France
23 Pangolins, Primates and Paperwork; animal records capacity building in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam Hannah Jenkins Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom 
24 A tool is only as useful as its users; assessing the success of a ZIMS training programme at ZSL zoos Hannah Jenkins Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom
25 Partula snail reintroductions: Progress, lessons learned and strategic refinements Paul Pearce-Kelly Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom
26 A GPS-based locomotion analysis of a bachelor group of Asian elephant bulls (Elephas maximus) at Zoo Heidelberg Frederik Linti & Sandra Reichler Tiergarten Heidelberg, Germany
27 Disease and parasite prevalence in wild equids in EAZA zoos Elodie Trunet & Tanya Langenhorst Zoo du bassin d'Arcachon, France
28 All about eggs: new exhibition in the Kaliningrad zoo Maria Koziakova Kaliningrad zoo, Russia
29 Population demographics of crested mangabeys: First insights into the relation with housing and husbandry practices Manon de Visser, Richard Crooijmans, Mirte Bosse, Emile Prins & Tjerk ter Meulen Animal Breeding and Genomics, Wageningen University & GaiaZOO, The Netherlands
30 Black crested mangabeys (Lophocebus aterrimus) and the visitor effect: changes in behaviour and enclosure use Amelia Griep, Emile Prins & Bonne Beerda Behavioural Ecology Group, Wageningen University & GaiaZOO, The Netherlands
31 Supporting the decision making for zoo breeding programs: an analyses of studbooks and species global prioritization schemes Jeanette Hedeager, A. Rita Silva, Kim Simonsen, Hannah Jenkins, Katelyn Mucha & Dalia A. Conde  Species360 & Givskud Zoo, Denmark

A Flipper of Hope - Kura Kura Project: saving sea turtles in Indonesia

Petr Šrámek  Brno Zoo, The Czech Republic
33 The Second Successful Breeding of Palawan hornbills (Anthracoceros marchei) in Wroclaw Zoo Krzysztof Kałużny

ZOO Wroclaw, Poland

34 The First Captive Breeding of Sulawesi Bear Cuscus (Ailurops ursinus) in Wroclaw Zoo Monika Górska ZOO Wroclaw, Poland
35 TigrisID Project Dorota Gremlicová & Dominika Formanová Brno Zoo, Czech Republic
36  A Service Learning Program (SLP) for BIO-Lingual Youth Dragana Zaouri, Beanie Brady & Georgina Spyres  Attica Zoological Park, Greece
37 Social and spatial organization of a group of Yellow-breasted Capuchins (Sapajus xanthosternos) at Lyon Zoo M. Carriquiry, L. Ohannessian, G. Anfray & X. Vaillant Zoo de Lyon, France
38 EAZA Animal Welfare Working Group Sally Binding, Lisa Holmes, Graeme Dick & Holly Farmer
EAZA, The Netherlands
39 Species of the year Viktoria Michel  Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz, Germany
40 First White Rhino Embryo Produced in vitro Enhances Chances for Survival of the Northern White Rhinoceros Jan Stejskal, Thomas B. Hildebrandt, Robert Hermes, Silvia Colleoni, Sebastian Diecke, Susanne Holtze, Marilyn B. Renfree, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Micha Drukker, Pasqualino Loi, Frank Göritz, Giovanna Lazzari & Cesare Galli ZOO Dvůr Králové, Czech Republic 
41 10 years of the Western Derby eland studbook - where we are now? Karolína Brandlová, Kateřina Štochlová, Anna Kubárová, Tamara Fedorova, Markéta Grúňová, Markéta Gloneková, Magdalena Miřejovská & Pavla Hejcmanová Derbianus Conservation, Czech Republic 
42 The Effects of Temporary Separation on the Behaviours of a Captive Herd of African Elephants, Loxodonta africana: A Case Study

Sarah Armstrong, Bridget Johnson

Knowsley Safari, United Kingdom
43 The Impact of Guided Tours around a Safari Drive on Classroom Responses Bridget Murray, Ellie Sowerby & Nikki Mallot Knowsley Safari, United Kingdom
44 The Use of Social Network Analysis to Improve the Conservation Management of White Rhinoceros  Sarah Scott, Dr Bradley Cain, Dr Selvino De Kort, Bridget Johnson & Dr Caroline Betteridge Knowsley Safari, United Kingdom
45 Reintroduction program for red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) and white-naped crane (Antigone vipio) in the Far East   Petr Suvorov, Nadezhda Kuzhnetsova, Irina Balan, Nikolay Balan, Miloslav Walter & Mikhail Parilov Brno Zoo, Czech Republic
46 EAZA Animal Training Working Group:  what we can do for you! Annette Pedersen  Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark
47 Play Fighting And Facial Communication In Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) Elisabetta Palagi, Elena Marchi, Paolo Cavicchio & Francesca Bandoli Zoo di Pistoia, Italy
48 Individual identity information content of African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) vocalisations Elena Fumagalli, Francesca Bandoli, Marco Gamba & Livio Favaro Zoo di Pistoia, Italy
49 Monitoring and treatment of lung parasites in red pandas and slender-tailed meerkats: a case study at Pistoia Zoo Rossana Cordon, Francesca Bandoli, Denise Luminelli & Paolo Cavicchio Zoo di Pistoia, Italy
 50 The European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework project Joni Hut & Laura Myers EAZA Executive Office, The Netherlands