EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP)

Southern pudu

(Pudu puda)

 Silja Herberg 
Institution:   Zoo Wuppertal

EAZA Member Area


Zoo Wuppertal

IUCN Red List status

IUCN Red List NT


Programme roles

Direct Conservation icon  Insurance population
The EAZA population will be managed towards an insurance population as this is the only South American deer species held within EAZA and there is good potential to bring in new founders.
Non Conservation icon  Exhibit
The EAZA population is recommended to be part of South American-themed exhibits.

The EAZA population will function to educate visitors of EAZA Member institutions about the biology of this small deer with the smallest antlers.

Programme numbers

In April 2021, the Southern pudu EEP had 53 animals in 21 institutions.

Programme highlights


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