There is a large network of companies supplying essential goods and services to EAZA zoos and aquariums.

We are pleased to offer a range of opportunities to such commercial companies, whether through advertising in Zooquaria magazine or exhibiting at EAZA events, or via the longer term commitment of becoming a Corporate Member. The companies listed below are currently Corporate Members of EAZA - you are encouraged to support them as they provide welcome income and other support for the association.

Interested in becoming an EAZA Corporate Member? Please download the Corporate Member Benefits & Application Form. If you have questions about the EAZA corporate membership please contact David Williams-Mitchell

EAZA Corporate Membership categories:




Full range of advice and support service for zoological collections, from Master planning to enclosure design and from husbandry advice to nutritional planning.

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ZA 775x400

Hygiene and comfort


We design, manufacture and market a range of professional products for childcare hospitality in public places. Safety, hygiene and comfort are the three guidelines of products design and selection of our suppliers to continuously improve the reception and the experience of families in amusement or wildlife parks, zoos, airports, museums and shopping centers. 

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Information Technology


Improves zoo ticket revenue through dynamic pricing. The Flexprice® software enables you to price tickets more accurately before they go on sale. Sophisticated algorithms analyse real-time sales data and other external factors, like marketing efforts and weather to generate sales and revenue forecasts based on various price recommendations.

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