Hosted by WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen (19-23 September, 2017), The Netherlands

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On behalf of all WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen staff you are welcomed to Wildlands and the brand new Atlas Theatre, the venue for the EAZA Annual Conference 2017 situated at the entrance of the zoo.

Emmen is a large town of around 100.000 inhabitants in the Northeastern province of Drenthe, with WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo located right at its heart, within easy reach of shops and restaurants. The town is surrounded by nature and features many old villages and other familiar sights of the Netherlands. Hotels and holiday homes are available in Emmen and/or in the direct surroundings of Emmen. Emmen is regarded the gem of south-east Drenthe, the city of woods, heathlands, peat, oil exploration and production, innovative companies and industry, shopping, recreation and ‘natural living’. The city’s structure is much praised for the fact that it is so open and green. Urban development is geared towards preserving all aspects of this precious asset. Emmen is also known as the city of butterflies, a direct reference to the tropical butterfly garden at the zoo. 

WILDLANDS is a completely new Adventure Zoo which opened at the end of March 2016 after 2,5 years of construction work and the transfer of the animals from the old Emmen City Zoo. The new zoo occupies 22 hectares and is fully themed to tell the stories of four different biomes from the polar regions to the equatorial jungle. WILDLANDS is a carbon neutral facility which combines sustainability with high levels of animal welfare and naturalistic enclosure design to provide a modern adventure into the heart of the natural world.

We look forward to welcoming you to WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo and the Atlas Theatre in September 2017.

Please visit the EAZA 2017 Annual Conference website by clicking here



Early Bird offer ends on 1 June 2017 – book early to avail of the discounted offer. Please note registration for the EAZA Annual Conference 2017 is open to EAZA members only. If you are not employed by an EAZA Member but would like to attend the conference, please supply a letter of reference from an EAZA Full Member institution to mirko.marseille@eaza.net prior to registration.

Registration fees Before 1 June 2017 After 1 June 2017
Full Conference Registration €510 €610
Single Day Registration €235 €320

All registration fees are subject to 21% VAT – normal VAT rules apply to recovery of any VAT incurred.

The full conference registration fee includes access to the following:

  • All conference session
  • Icebreaker Welcome Reception
  • All poster sessions
  • Lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Exhibition Area
  • Visit to WILDLANDS

If you do not wish to attend the full conference, you can select a day registration.

The single day registration fee includes access to the following, on the selected day:

  • All conference sessions
  • All poster sessions
  • Lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Exhibition Area
  • Social event on the selected registration day, with the exception of the gala dinner due to limited venue capacity





Conference delegates and other EAZA Members are once again invited to display relevant posters at the Annual Conference (with a maximum of 3 posters per member institution).

Please submit your proposal, including the title, author affiliations and abstract (max. 100 words) to mirko.marseille@eaza.net. You can also, if already available, submit the actual poster (as a PDF). All submissions will be reviewed and, if accepted, you will be contacted for confirmation. After the conference the posters will be made available to the member community through the proceedings library on the EAZA Member Area. Posters that are accepted for display should be brought in person to Emmen, or alternatively sent with a delegate that is attending.

Posters should be designed to A2 - portrait (420mm wide by 594mm high); or A1 - portrait (594mm wide by 840mm high). Materials for hanging the posters will be available on site.

Poster submission deadline: 31 August

Accepted posters on display in Emmen:  


  Title Author(s) Affiliation
1 Helpsimus: outcomes from 8 years of greater bamboo lemur monitoring  Roullet, D. Helpsimus 
2 First 5-year review of the transponder project Roullet, D. Cotswold Wildlife Park
3 Sand crack in a giraffe and its treatment Van Zijll Langhout M., Hooijer A., Verstappen F., Wolters M., Holzhauer M. Artis
4 Influencing the frequency of regurgitation and reingestion by diet changes in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) Johansen, K., Åsberg, A., Jansen, R. Furuvik Zoo 
5 European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework Myers, L. & Hut, J.   EAZA Executive Office 
6 Evaluating gorilla silverbacks: relationship among cortisol, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone levels detected in faeces Carbajal A., Martin M., Monclus L., Tallo-Parra O., Riba C., Abelló M.T., López-Bejar M.  Parc Zoològic de Barcelona
7 Considerations in Managing a Bachelor Herd of Grevy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi Oustalet, 1882) Matthews, B. & Whitbread, S. Chessington World of Adventures
8 Match or no match? A zoo-housed bachelor group of red pandas (Ailurus fulgens fulgens) De Feijter, L. & Prins, E.F.  GaiaZOO
9 Antelope, Giraffe, Hippo in the 21st century: Conservation action in Africa Brandlová, K., Mallon, D., Gloneková, M., Pluháček, J., Hejcmanová, P., Žáčková, M., Fedorova, T., Kubátová, A., Štochlová, K. Derbianus
10 Saving the Derby eland: Improving the conservation status of the last Western Derby elands in Senegal Hejcmanová, P., Brandlová, K., Grúňová, M., Gloneková, M., Fedorova, T., Žáčková, M., Kubátová, A., Štochlová, K.  Derbianus
11 Successful comeback of African wild dogs to Dvůr Králové Zoo Linhart, G. & Hlávka, R.   Dvůr Králové Zoo
12 Dog Appeasing Pheromone prevents the testosterone surge, and may reduce contact-dominance and active-submission behaviours after interventions in captive African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) Van den Berghe, F., Paris, M.C.J., Sarnyai, Z., Millar, R.P., Ganswindt, A., Cozzi, A., Pageat, P., Paris, D.B.B.P. Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals
13 Successful cryopreservation of African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) spermatozoa: Towards developing the frozen zoo Van den Berghe, F., Paris, M.C.J., Sarnyai, S., Briggs,M.B., Farstad, W.K., Paris, D.B.B.P. Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals
14 The Bear Book, A very beary book written for children about the bear species of the world Petro, Z. Sosto Zoo 
15 Bear in mind:monitoring the welfare status of a pair of captive brown bears across seasons Luminelli, D., Santini, G., Bandoli, F. Zoo di Pistoa
16 Effects of enrichments on behaviour and stress hormones in two red pandas: a case study at Pistoia Zoo Bellinello, E., Mondo, E., Attilio Accorsi, P., Bandoli, F. Zoo di Pistoa
17 African lions at Pistoia Zoo: effect of enrichments on night-time behaviours Dori, P., Santini, G., Bandoli, F.  Zoo di Pistoa