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EAZA Madagascar Campaign
AROVAKO i MADAGASIKARA (Conserve Madagascar)


Madagascar is one of the world's hotspots for threatened biodiversity. In Madagascar the diversity of habitats is so striking and the topography so varied that it gets called the 8th continent. However the forest habitats are dwindling which is the major problem for the 90% of Madagascar’s fauna that rely on it. Of the 117 species of terrestrial species described, almost 50% are listed on the IUCN Red List as Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable.

 In 2006 EAZA launched its Madagascar Campaign with the following aims:

  • Raise awareness for one of the most important nature reserves in the world;
  • Promote the importance of biodiversity through the unique fauna and flora found on Madagascar;
  • Promote ecotourism to Madagascar;
  • Raise funds for specific conservation projects;
  • Highlight different ways in which the public can make positive contributions towards conservation through changing their daily lives;
  • Raise awareness for Madagascan endemic species amongst EAZA members and thereby influence future collection planning; and
  • Promote the concept of "twinning" between EAZA members and National Parks and protected reserves.

Key Achievements

  • 171 EAZA member institutions participated in the campaign;
  • The total donated, as of  May 2010, was more than €600,000; and
  • As patrons the campaign was very fortunate to have the then President of the Republic of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomana, and the actor John Cleese.

The campaign was fortunate to have the support of the then President of the Republic of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomana, and to have the actor John Cleese as a patron. This boosted the campaign’s profile, which in turn helped raise a significant amount of funds for crucial conservation projects.

The Madagascar Campaign officially ended in September 2007 at the EAZA Annual Conference in Warsaw. A preliminary fundraising amount of €450,635 had been donated by the 165 EAZA member institutions that took part, just short of the €500,000 target. Since that time funds have continued to come into the account and the total donated, as of October 2008 was €605,000.

Bryan Carroll presents the EAZA Bushmeat petition to the EU
Reforestation near Betampona organised by MFG and ANGAP. (© K. Freeman)

Projects Supported

In total 20 designated projects have been supported through EAZA's Madagascar Campaign. These projects addressed issues like natural resource management, community co-management, endangered species monitoring, conservation training programmes, habitat conservation, environmental education and promoting ecotourism. For more information on the projects supported please follow the links to the right of this page. You can find further information in the original campaign infopack.

The east coast of Madagascar was hit by cyclones in March and April 2007. Several villages were heavily damaged and large areas of land were flooded, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. The EAZA Madagascar Core Group decided to send out an appeal for funds to all participants and a total of €25,000 was raised. The funds were sent out to immediately support the affected people by providing food and shelter. The funds were transferred to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) which is also responsible for two of the projects that were selected for support by the EAZA Madagascar Campaign. The WCS worked together with organisations such as MedAir and Care International to provide support in the Masoala-Makira area. On the longer term, the funds were used to rebuild infrastructure (roads, bridges), houses, communal buildings (schools, clinics) and replace lost crops.

For a detailed breakdown of the funds distributed please see the EAZA Madagascar Campaign Fact Sheet.

Project Funding 2010

A new round of project funding will be completed during 2010. Applications are now being accepted, with a closing date of September 1st. Download the PDF below for more information.

 Funding Application Form 2010

Bushmeat campaign logo

Fossa - Copyright by Nick Garbutt
Fossa (©Nick Garbutt)

Useful Documents

 EAZA Madagascar Campaign Fact Sheet

 Original Campaign Infopack

 Funding Application Form 2010

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