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Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs)

For all the animal groups that are kept in EAZA member institutions, so-called Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs) have been established. Each TAG focuses on a specific group of animals, such as penguins, bears, hornbills, cats, antelope, etc.

TAG members are professional zoo and aquarium people who work in EAZA member institutions and have specialist knowledge and a keen interest in the group of species covered by the specific TAG. People who work at universities or for international conservation organisations act as TAG advisors on issues such as nutrition, health and conservation.

TAG Tasks

Covers of Husbandry Guidelines

Regional Collection Plans - a main task of each TAG is to develop a Regional Collection Plan (RCP) to decide which species of animals EAZA member institutions wish to keep in the future, the reason for this, and management of their captive populations.

Conservation Coordination - another increasingly important task of the EAZA TAGs is to stimulate and coordinate in situ conservation projects. More and more zoos and aquariums are actively involved in saving species in the wild, often using the animals in their collections as ambassadors for their wild congeners.

Husbandry Guidelines - TAGs are responsible for the exchange of information on how zoos and aquariums should best take care of the animals. Such information is collected by the TAG and put together in husbandry and management guidelines. These guidelines cover all kinds of topics, from housing and nutrition to behavioural enrichment. If certain areas of a species husbandry are not yet sufficiently known, the TAG will make sure that research on this is initiated.

Complete List of TAGs

TAG NameInstitutionContact
Terrestrial InvertebrateBRISTOLMark Bushell
Fish and Aquatic InvertebrateLONDONBrian Zimmerman
AmphibianCHESTERGerardo Garcia
ReptilePRAHAIvan Rehak
RatiteALPHENJoost Lammers
PenguinEMMENPierre de Wit
Ciconiiformes and PhoenicopteriformesWALSRODECathy King
WaterfowlKOLNBernd Marcordes
FalconiformesLONDONMark Habben
CracidZUTENDAALGeer Scheres
GalliformesWALSRODEJan Dams
GruiformesZUTENDAALGeer Scheres
Pigeon and DovePAIGNTONDuncan Bolton
ParrotHEIDELBERGSimon Bruslund
Toucan and Turaco
HornbillATTICAKoen Brouwer
PasseriformesJERSEYDavid Jeggo
Monotreme and MarsupialGREIFSWALD_UNI_NEUdo Ganslosser
ProsimianRHEINEAchim Johann
CallitrichidBEAUVALEric Bairrão Ruivo
CebidAPELDOORNFrank Rietkerk
Old World MonkeyPAIGNTONNeil Bemment
GibbonTWYCROSSCharlotte MacDonald
Great ApeARNHEMTom de Jongh
Small MammalHALLEJutta Heuer
Canid and Hyaenid TAGAMERSFOORTRaymond van der Meer
BearRHENENJose Kok
Small CarnivoreAude Desmoulins
FelidKOLNAlexander Sliwa
Marine MammalRHENENGerard Meijer
ElephantLONDONDavid Field
EquidSTUTTGARTUlrike Rademacher
RhinoBASELFriedrike von Houwald
Tapir and SuiformKOBENHAVN-ZOOBengt Holst
Cattle and CamelidKESSINGLANDTerry Hornsey
DeerJERUSALEMNoam Werner
Antelope and GiraffeLANDAUJens-Ove Heckel
CaprinaeKINGUSSIEDouglas Richardson

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