European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework

Zookeeper training opportunities vary greatly across Europe. While some countries have standardised formal qualifications, resources and standardised training opportunities are lacking in many other countries. This has resulted in a clear skills gap in professional zookeeping in many European countries. 

The goal of the EPZQF project is to develop a European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework identifying the key competencies required to be a professional zookeeper working in an EU zoo, and to design several training modules to help staff reach the expected competency levels.

EPZQF project team with Erasmus flag

Project Partners

The EPZQF project is coordinated by EAZA, in partnership with several zoos, regional associations, and educational institutions.

Chester Zoo logo Chester Zoo  United Kingdom
 FGZAR logo wit Romanian Zoo and Aquarium Federation Romania
 Zagreb Zoo logo Zagreb Zoo Croatia
 Sparsholt logo Sparsholt College United Kingdom
Kaunas Zoo logo Kaunas Zoo Lithuania
Wroclaw Zoo logo Wrocław Zoo Poland
Aeres logo Aeres Groep The Netherlands

The Framework

With the input of project partners, a reflection panel, workshop participants and many other experts, the framework is gradually taking shape.

EPZQF Framework Outline
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The European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme.