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Aquatic mammals: MoU between EAZA and EAAM

A recently agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between EAZA and EAAM, the European Association of Aquatic Mammals, paves the way for future cooperation between the two organisations on a number of levels. The MoU was signed at the EAAM conference in Lisbon during March by the association's president, Birgitta Mercera. It had already been signed by EAZA chairman Simon Tonge.

Under the new agreement, which runs initially for five years, the two organisations will coordinate activities, policies and standard practices related to the management of aquatic mammal species held by their respective members. Close collaboration will benefit both EAZA and EAAM members as they work towards the implementation of joint management strategies for these species through information sharing and dialogue.

The conference of the European Association of Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) was hosted by Lisbon Zoo from March 12th to 15th. The signing of the MoU was witnessed by various colleagues that participated in its development including Claudia Gili (Acquario di Genova), Niels van Elk (Harderwijk Dolfinarium) and Gerard Meijer (Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen). Danny de Man from the Executive Office represented EAZA during the conference and presented the MoU that chairman Simon Tonge had already signed on behalf of EAZA.

EAZA members can download the MoU from the EAZA Marine Mammal TAG webpage.

Pictured above: (L to R) Niels van Elk, Danny de Man, Birgitta Mercera and Claudi Gili.



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